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work up the ladder Whip your workplace into shape with simple items that make a world of difference Spring Cleaning: Work Edition » The organizer: Keep important documents and project plans neatly arranged in sturdy three- ring binders. By Russell and Hazel, $20; Paper Deli, 8444 Old Sauk Rd., Madison; (608) 829-5505 The planners: Stay on top of daily to-do lists with a notepad that lightens the office mood while keeping your outlook to the future organized with stylish yearly planners. Left to right: Notepad by Whose There, Inc., $7, planners by Letts of London, $15-$18; Paper Deli, 8444 Old Sauk Rd., Madison; (608) 829-5505 The catch-all: Give necessities a handy home in a stainless steel wall caddy that holds mail, files and more while offer- ing a built-in calendar. Caddy by Three by Three, $42, magnets by Seltzer, $11; Century House, 3420 University Ave., Madison; (608) 233-4488 Transform a cluttered desk into an ideal workspace with help from professional organizer Jill Annis of Simply Organized Get Organized Start slowly: If you're dealing with a lot of clutter, organize by focusing on one area at a time–cleaning out one drawer or one side of your desk before moving to the next. 36 Clear your desktop: Only keep items that you use on a daily basis within view. Then find simple storage solutions for what you use most fre- quently while tucking lesser used items away. BRAVA Magazine March 2012 File, don't pile: Create a system for paperwork to keep them off your desk. Include a designated spot for incoming paperwork that needs to be sorted. Toss it: When clearing out papers or other items, be ruthless. Ask yourself if you really need it and keep a recycling bin right under your desk to make it easy to say goodbye to paper piles. Make it a habit: End every day by sorting out your work area for just a few minutes. You'll arrive the next morning to a clear space and be able to approach your work with a clear mind. The perfect pen: Keep your pen collection to a minimum by keep- ing track of just a few "7-year pens" that promise to work as hard as you. By Seltzer, $8 each; Paper Deli, 8444 Old Sauk Rd., Madison; (608) 829-5505 » » »

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