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54 STiR tea & coffee industry international / Issue 1, 2016 (February/March) By Hans Niebergall Reinbek, GeRmany German tea exports grew significantly and imports were up 5.6% to meet demand from several of the world's oldest and most respected tea blenders. Gebrüder Wol- lenhaupt is one of the leading premium tea companies, selling about 7,000 metric tons of tea and tea blends per year. There are nearly 1,500 types of tea, herbs, fruits, and flavors from 300 suppliers in 62 countries, explains Marco Brinmühl, head of sales and division manager for tea at Wollenhaupt. The company's private label business offers 2,500 active recipes to suit nearly every customer. "If a customer wants us to mix his own recipe, we will make sure that he'll be com- pletely satisfied," said Brinmühl. Wollenhaupt, a family-run business for more than 130 years, is located in the periphery of the old port city of Hamburg. Wollenhaupt, with an export market share of 60%, serves clients around the globe. Germany's domestic tea market is discerning, favoring high-quality loose teas and single-estate or single-origin teas. The country also imports a large volume of herbs because Germany actively supports the use of herbs for medicinal purposes. Wollenhaupt's newest line of herbal teas is blended for well-being: Cleansing ("I feel pure"), Beauty ("I feel pretty"), Relaxation ("I feel calm"), Energy ("I feel awake") and Defense ("I feel strong"). 'Enjoy with confidence' is the company's motto, reflect- ing the firm's commitment to medicinal quality ingredients and pure teas. For centuries, people in Northern Germany have welcomed their friends and family during the dark and cold winter days with a hot cup of black tea, sweetened with rock sugar called Kandis and heavy cream. The tea pot and water kettle were left on the wood or coal burning stove all day to make sure that a cup of tea was available at any time. "We want people to fully enjoy tea like in the old days. That is why we make sure that the whole supply chain is safe. We only use natural ingredients and teas of all ori- gins, leaf grades and qualities. We are a leaf tea specialist in the premium market," said Brinmühl. "We even take customer care a step further: If someone wants to open a tea Gebrüder Wollenhaupt Leaf Tea Specialists Eye pleasing fuit and floral blends

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