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March 1

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16 MARCH 1, 2016 Good Fruit Grower T he days of simply spraying the two-spotted spider mite may be waning, even with six miticides available to control them. Dr. Elizabeth Beers advises pear growers to start talking to their chemical represen- tatives about some other way to keep the pests at bay, because the mites are building resistance to nearly all chemicals currently labeled for control. The two-spotted spider mite pierces the leaves and sucks out the juices. The mite also attacks apples, hops, vegetables and many other crops. Pear leaves, however, are more sensitive to mite damage than apple leaves, developing black patches on leaves called transpiration burn when combined with water stress. Anjou pears are the most at risk, showing symptoms more quickly than others. Beers called them the "canary in the coal mine" cultivar. "We are getting sort of toward the end of our rope," said Beers, a research entomologist at the Washington State Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee, Washington. PEAR MITES developing resistance to CHEMICALS Pest Management Growers may be forced to take different steps to control pests as resistance buildup continues. by Ross Courtney Orchard Proven, University Tested 610 Central Avenue Billings, MT 59102 (406) 248-5856 1-800-735-5323 Bee-Scent research data obtained from Dr. Dan Mayer, Washington State University For more information, call 1-800-735-5323 or visit Bee-Scent's natural, non-toxic pheromone ingredient induces the foraging behavior in honey bees, increasing the number of bee-to-blossom visits at each tree. The result is a higher percentage of blossom set and increased fruit yields. • Increase Fruit Set on Pears, Cherries and Braeburn Apples! • Increase Size Potential of Gala Apples by Increasing the Seed Complement! • Conforms to National Organic Program Standards • WSDA Organic Certi ed ORSat ® PRODUCT REVIEW ORSat™ is a custom designed satellite communication network and service for managing, operation and monitoring of wind machines. ORSat™ allows growers to monitor and control wind machines, fuel tanks, and weather stations with just a few simple steps, via an Internet enabled device, and is the only solution available that integrates with the Orchard-Rite® Auto-Start. The overall goal of the ORSat™ system is to partner with growers to make frost protection more effi cient, economical & eff ective than ever before. We operate 14 wind machines on 325 acres of apples and cherries spread out over 3 miles. In the past it was diffi cult to confi rm that our wind machines started, ran, and shut down appropriately during the course of a cold night. The ORSat System changed all that. Now we have the ability to start and stop our machines remotely, saving us money on fuel, labor and maintenance. ORSat also notifi es us when the machines are starting and stopping via the Auto-Start, and warns us of any problems. The ORSat System gives us yet another layer of protection above and beyond the Auto-Start and the Wind Machines themselves. " It provides us peace of mind on long, cold nights." ORSat ™ -- another innovative product from Orchard-Rite ® "ORSat puts frost protection at our fi ngertips." --Marcus & John Griggs 1611 W Ahtanum Union Gap WA 98903 Phone: (509) 457-9196 3766 Iroquois Wenatchee WA 98801 Phone:(509) 662-2753

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