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March 1

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Page 2 of 47 Good Fruit Grower MARCH 1, 2016 3 Pest Management 6 Controlling apple maggot Promising study shows how apple maggot pupae can be killed in yard waste. 10 Pests in the heat 2015's record heat gave researchers ideal opportunity to study troublesome pests. 12 Codling moth research Scientists get head start on keeping codling moth's resistance to insecticides in check. 14 Borers make their mark Because of damage from a harsh freeze, Oregon cherry growers are advised to watch for American plum borer. 16 Pear mite resistance Growers may be forced to take different steps to control two-spotted spider mite. 30 Searching for SWD Spotted wing drosophila often hides in nearby host plants before invading orchards. Grape Pest Management 18 The crown gall battle Keys to combating disease in wine grapes include clean plants, avoiding freeze damage and pairing appropriate varieties to sites. The essential resource for growers PHOTOS COURTESY DR. ELIZABETH BEERS/WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY TREE FRUIT RESEARCH AND EXTENSION CENTER The two-spotted spider mite is a tiny pest but a big problem for growers. It damages a wide range of crops by piercing the leaves and sucking out the juices, with pear leaves especially sensitive to damage. Now researchers have found the mite is building up resistance to miticides, forcing growers to fi nd alternatives to control the pest. Find out more beginning on page 16. Centerpiece 24 The stinkbug predator A wasp the size of a fl ea could be the best tool against brown marmorated stinkbug. 27 Tracking the stinkbug Michigan researcher puts out call to the public for help and is surprised by results.

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