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March 1

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Page 34 of 47 Good Fruit Grower MARCH 1, 2016 35 COURTESY ONTARIO TENDER FRUIT EVALUATION COMMITTEE Vee Blush, a new yellow-fleshed peach, is an early season variety that's garnering the attention of Ontario growers. Frost control has become very important to us. In the last 9 years, we have had 5 frost events that have signifi cantly damaged our production. We decided to do something to help mitigate this so our production would be consistent. That's where Orchard-Rite ® wind machines have come into play for us. In mid April of 2014, we reached 24 degrees outside the vineyard, yet we were able to save 100% of the fruit under the machines. Outside of the coverage area, we lost almost all of the fruit. At harvest, we picked over 6 tons per acre in the protected area and less than 1 ton per acre in any unprotected vines. The wind machines also reduced my vine damage. I put the wind machines on 10 year old vines and experienced minimal damage, but any unprotected 1 year old vines were completely decimated by the cold temperatures. In the future, when I set out a new planting, I will install Orchard-Rite ® wind machines to provide protection for the following Spring. Damaging young plants is a huge expense not only in lost production but in extra management costs to replant and retrain damaged vines. I believe that the wind machines will help our Texas wine industry grow consistent crops that our wine makers can depend on to produce superior wines and to reliably supply our markets. "The grape vines under my wind machines yielded 6 tons per acre while my unprotected areas had less than 1 ton per acre." Orchard-Rite ® PRODUCT REVIEW -- Andy Timmons Lost Draw Vineyard Lubbock, TX, USA Paci c Distributing, INC. 125 S. Blair Woodlake, CA 93286 Phone: (559) 564-3114 Authorized Distributor of.. Orchard-Rite ® Wind Machines Consider for your next planting: • BRUCE PONDER • SUSAN WILKINSON • ADAM WEIL • DAVE WEIL 503-538-2131 • FAX: 503-538-7616 BENEFITS: • Disease tolerant • Cold hardy • Adapts well to all cherry-growing districts • Forms flower buds and comes into bearing quicker than Mazzard with a better distribution of flower buds Dwarfing Cherry Rootstock Krymsk ® 5 Krymsk ® 6 [cv. VSL-2, USPP 15,723] [cv. LC-52, USPP 16,114] "Krymsk ® 5 and Krymsk ® 6 cherry rootstocks have proven to be the best rootstock for our orchards. They are yield efficient, grow and adapt well, and are cold hardy." —John Morton The Dalles, Oregon 2016 ROOTS AVAILABLE NOW Call Tree Connection: 800-421-4001

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