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May 15

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Cherries Not just a rain cover system, which is being used on more than 2,500 acres around the world. The Voen cover system consists of overlapping S strips of plastic film sewn to a base fabric. Vents between the strips allow the air to flow through so that high temperatures do not build up beneath the cover. The cover creates about 20 percent shade, or more if it is not kept clean. High density Vöhringer said covers are most suitable for high-density orchards where trees are spaced 2 to 3 meters (6 to 10 feet) apart with 4 or 5 meters (13 to 16 feet) between rows. He recommends having space between the top of the trees and the cover. In Europe, Gisela 5 is the standard rootstock for Orchard covers can provide multiple benefits, one of which is larger fruit size. by Geraldine Warner o-called rain covers for cherries provide benefits far beyond just protecting the fruit from damage by rain or hail, says Reinhard Vöhringer, a German orchardist who developed the Voen covering high-density cherry plantings, with the more dwarfing G.3 used for Regina cherries. Krymsk rootstocks are being tested. Covers are extremely important in parts of Europe where rainfall is high, such as southern Germany, Vöhringer told growers at the B.C. Tree Fruit Horticultural Symposium in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, earlier this year. As well as preventing cracking of the fruit, covers allow harvest to proceed uninterrupted by rain. They permit harvest timing to be based exclu- sively on fruit maturity, rather than being dictated by the whims of the weather. The predictability of harvest enables growers to better organize their labor force and also has marketing advantages. Producers can contract with buyers to supply cherries of a known quan- tity and quality, Vöhringer said. That means that retailers can advertise cherries with the confi- dence that they'll have fruit to sell, and the result is better returns to the growers. This Dutch cherry orchard has a rain cover and is enclosed on the sides with netting to keep out insects and birds. KEEP DEER OUT! GUARANTEED! KEEP DEER OUT for as little as $135 an acre No Fences No Nets No Sprays When a deer senses danger it calls to the rest of the herd, alerting them and causing them to flee. Deer Shield harnesses this natural warning system to effectively repel deer from crops and vineyards. Natural sounds of frightened deer, plus hostile and territorial deer sounds are played through weather- resistant speakers. When deer hear the sounds they flee the area and find somewhere else to eat. Birds live in an interdependent social structure where they use audible calls to signal danger from one member to the larger flock. Bird Gard uses natural instincts to effectively repel them. Digital recordings of distressed, injured and alarmed birds, along with the sounds of their natural predators trigger a primal fear and flee response. the birds own language and Bird Gard protects millions of acres of crops, orchards and feedlots around the world! Electronic Deer Control from the makers of 20 MAY 15, 2012 GOOD FRUIT GROWER 888-332-2328 KEEP BIRDS OUT! TRY ANY BIRD GARD OR DEER SHIELD PRODUCT FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTS SIMPLY RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE. KEEP BIRDS OUT for as little as $120 an acre Photo by Geraldine Warner

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