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March 15

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32 MARCH 15, 2016 Good Fruit Grower A breeding program that started on a grower's Michigan farm 25 years ago has grown into a strong presence in the mar- ket, with 17 nurseries in the United States and Canada licensed to carry its varieties. The number of patented peaches and nectarines that have come out of the Flamin' Fury breeding program has already topped three dozen, and others are in the pipeline, according to grower and breeder Paul Friday, who is entering his 55th year in the peach business. "Of those who grow peaches commercially in Michigan, a significant portion of their peach volume is made up of Paul Friday's peaches. That's a pretty good indicator of the importance of his breeding program," said Bill Shane, senior extension tree fruit specialist at the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center in Berrien County. "His breeding program has been extremely valuable for the people in this climate and our more temperate, rainy growing conditions." Getting started Friday grew peaches for three decades on his family's farm in southwestern Michigan, established in Coloma in 1846. He started the Flamin' Fury breeding pro- gram about 25 years ago when he simply wanted more selection. "The number of quality peach varieties available at that time were very limited in Michigan, so I decided to come up with some new varieties just for myself on my own farm," he said. His list for the perfect peach was long: —Excellent flavor, texture and overall fruit quality. —Large size. —Bacterial spot resistance. —Red-over-yellow color, because as Friday said, "They look like billiard balls if they're a solid color!" —Short fuzz. —Cold hardiness. —Good shipping quality. 37 varieties and COUNTING More peach varieties coming from Paul Friday's Flamin' Fury series. by Leslie Mertz Portable Wind Machines Frost Protection - protects up to 10 acres Evaporative Cooling - portable misting system cools plants, crops and livestock High Performance - 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour Versatility - can be set to oscillate at any degree or angle Service - lower boom to safely service the standard Honda engine Noise - makes half the noise of any other wind machine Mobile - easy to move with tractor or truck and raise arm for immediate use Affordable - low operation costs NEW Model - galvanized body, propane units available with auto start, choke and throttle Contact your local dealer today! WA, OR: Wenatchee Wind Machines Northern CA: Belkorp Ag, San Joaquin Valley, CA: A&P Ag Structures TX: Southwest Ag Specialties Other US: Chamberlin Agriculture Central Coast, CA: A&P Ag Structures 509.669.2511, 707.584.9111, 559.772.7690, 805.296.3027, 806.229.2100, 206.437.8738,

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