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42 tobaccoasia MANUFACTURING NEWS 制造新闻 TIP – The Technical Improvement Program by Hauni Images: Different TIP solutions Hauni TIP: Small Changes, Big Impact Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is an indicator used by a growing number of customers as a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of their production. The key values in OEE are the availability, performance, and quality. These scores can decline over the years and the gap in performance between old and new machines is widened still further by technological progress. "Customers often feel comfortable with their existing equipment and want solutions that are specifically designed to upgrade these tried and trusted systems. We are constantly expanding the range of offers we supply specifi- cally for this purpose within our TIP program," explains Sven Starsetzki, product consultant for the technical improvement program. "We already have around 300 of these silver bullets aimed at modernizing, improving, and optimizing all Hauni machines. These cover everything from individual components to complete subassemblies and even integrated total solutions. The smart monitoring system (SMS) is one good example of a total solution. Its sensors provide continuous monitoring of the fan, gearbox, and other cigarette maker modules and send operators timely reports that allow them considerable flexibility in scheduling maintenance work." Ever more customers are taking advantage of the workshops at which TIP experts offer targeted, individual advice about the best ways to use the various TIPs in their own plants. "Our experts take into account the condition of the machinery on-site and develop a bespoke program of maintenance, modernization, and training that is tailored precisely to the customer's objectives and maintenance strategy, e.g. increasing efficiency or improving product quality," continues Starsetzki. "In complex areas, such as loose ends, we are happy to offer customers the benefit of our precise analysis and consulting services in order to determine the best possible combination of measures. In simpler cases, customers will soon be able to order TIPs from the Hauni Webshop. We offer an extensive range of products and services to guarantee that every customer receives the best possible solution for his needs." Bulgaria Illigal Factory Busted The press center of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior announced that serious damage to Bulgaria's state budget amounting to BGN 2.5 million (US$1.42 million) has been prevented as an illegal manufacturing facility for tobacco products was busted in the town of Lukovit. The factory was shut as a result of a special operation conducted under the supervision of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office. The authorities found some 13 tons of tobacco as well as a storehouse, production facilities, cigarette packs ready for sale, machines, filters, and other equipment. The manufacturing facility was run by an organized crime group, but those at the helm of the illegal operation are currently hiding abroad. The tobacco products were sold both on the Bulgarian market and in other countries. Bulgaria's Deputy Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov announced that cigarettes worth BGN 3 billion would have been produced from the busted tobacco and the state budget would have lost nearly BGN 2.5 million in unpaid excise taxes.

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