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2 0 1 6 V 1 | BULLDOG | 2 5 TAILLIGHTS M y Mack story begins long before I started working for the company in 2009. It started with my maternal grandfather who proudly drove a Mack Truck. Some of my favorite family sto- ries are tales of my Nana, mom, and aunts riding along with Granddaddy around town, and all over the state. He even taught them to how to drive, and without an mDRIVE! Shifting wasn't as easy in those days! Of all the stories, the one I think of most is how when Granddaddy would come home from a long run, he would park his Mack in the driveway and my mom and aunts would camp out in his sleeper. I can only imagine all of the laughter and fun they had! I never got to meet him or ride along with him, but his story will live on through his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I am proud to keep Mack Trucks in the family. Megan White P eople pay no mind to all the places that I go. I travel through all the hills and hollows in the mud the rain and snow. Steady in my place where I go next, I never know. When my master calls on me,I never ask, I just go. If you're wondering who I am it'll come as no sur- prise, I'm the bulldog on the hood of your truck looking out for all you guys! I have driven Mack's for years I still love em! Alex Carney M y dad worked for Mack Trucks based in Springfield, Missouri, in 1964. He owned a B69 and started his own company from 1964 until today. We lost dad five years ago, but being the oldest and a girl, didn't stop me from being daddy's little girl. My brother got the family business, so, I opened my own, 100 percent electric cars!! (www.Greenshedconversions.com) This is the only female owned and operated conversion company in the U.S. and we did our first 18 wheeler, a Mack Truck! I started Green Shed at the worst possible time, in 2008, when the world died. But my husband and I have managed to make a go of it and make a living. I am so proud of the Mack Truck conversion. It was for a customer who had no knowledge and bought all the wrong parts before coming to us. But, we did it and are so proud of it My dad, would have been so proud of me. This will be one vehicle at a time, merging the best of the past with the best of the future. Audrey (Peeso) Clunn 1978 All electric Mack Truck Do you have a story to share? We'd love to hear about it. Visit http://respond. macktrucks.com/BornReady to upload your story or use #MackBornReady on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. Readers submit stories to #MackBornReady Born Ready

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