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May 2016

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looking for them. I don't know how many times I have gone on a location where there was a problem and asked if anyone had been aware of the problem. All too often the response is, "Yes, but we had hoped it wouldn't occur this time." Hope Is Not a Strategy! My worst-case scenario occurs when I am told, "We have this same problem every time we drill in this area when we get to a certain depth." This shows the contractor is aware of the potential—and probable—problem and yet doesn't prepare or take the appro- priate action to alleviate or avoid it. I have been told some drillers are lucky—they always get the easy wells, and seldom if ever have any problems. But I also recall hearing it said, "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Planning is the preparation phase of this equation. Proper planning will allow you to minimize or avoid potential prob- lems, reduce the time required to drill and complete the well, and reduce the development operations to a bare minimum. Perhaps you can make your own luck. A lot of money is spent on the various components of the drilling program. Make sure you get your money's worth. You should request from the engineer or your vendor a program for each phase of the well construction in advance. It will be to your benefit to have these programs in your hands prior to preparing your quote. If your vendors can't or won't help you, perhaps you should be considering different vendors. If the drilling project requires a contingency plan, have the material required on location or know where you can get your hands on it quickly. Planning things realistically and then following through on that plan will help avoid issues that lead to change orders. Change orders almost always result in budget overruns and reduced profitability. To avoid issues: Plan your work, work your plan, work safe, make money, and enjoy life. WWJ Ronald B. Peterson was hired in 1977 by Baroid Industrial Drilling Products as a field service representative and has worked in various positions for the company, including as an account rep and manager. He can be reached at ron.peterson@halliburton.com. DACUM Codes To help meet your professional needs, this column covers skills and competencies found in DACUM charts for drillers and pump installers. DO refers to the drilling chart. The letter and number immediately following is the skill on the chart covered by the column. This column covers: DOA-2, 3, 4, 5; DOB-1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8; DOC-4, 5, 6, 9; DOD-1; DOE-1, 2; DOK-7, 10; DOL-1, 3, 4 More information on DACUM and the charts are available at www.NGWA.org. D 5 - TI L L I R D N A T TI D S T I N U G N I L ORNIA ANNUAL PURPLE PERMIT R ALIF S CA MEETS o r m o F s u h t an h X t r o 5 N 1 0 6 S REQUIREMENTS y a t t r visi o all: n c o i t a m r re info o o l y a s@t e al s 30 • 1 4 K 7 , O a uls . • T e v A et .n s e stri u d rin o l , 1 0 3 -7 6 6 2 - 8 1 9 : e .n s e ri t s u d rin o l y a • t et .n s e ri t s u d rin o et WWJ May 2016 39 Twitter @WaterWellJournl

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