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StateWays n n May/June 2016 18 board members has resulted in discussions about long-term succession planning to ensure that valuable information isn't lost when individuals step down in the future. The VDLC has also made some changes to its overall structure, including the creation of a new deputy commissioner position to aid in knowledge retention. Another focus area for the agency has included updat- ing its outdated POS system, a process that began several years ago to replace all op- erating systems with new Windows-based platforms to improve efficiency and maximize technological ben- efi ts, such as mobile-optimized functionality. The VDLC has also reevaluated its markup structure to make it more transparent and launched a major integrated branding campaign known as 802 Spirits. Named to refl ect the number of Vermont's only area code, the 802 Spirits campaign encompasses the VDLC's retail website, so- cial media, in-store promotional materials and more to create a cohesive brand identity. O'Brien says that the many strides Vermont has taken in recent years can be attributed to the agency's willingness to change. "One of the biggest challenges any organization has is that we need to not be resistant to change," she says. "Changing is what helps us grow and improve. It's also what keeps us bet- ter able to serve our customers. Change forces us to constantly reevaluate and ask ourselves, 'who's our customer? How do we collaborate? How do we make sure we're making changes that are relevant and impactful?'" LEADING NABCA INTO THE FUTURE O'Brien's successful track re- cord in Vermont makes her the ideal person to take over at NABCA this spring. A NABCA board member since 2011, O'Brien has chaired the education, governance, public affairs and public health advisory com- mittees, and worked on a number of other priority projects. Using her experience in Vermont as a springboard, O'Brien is currently planning to take what she's learned at the VDLC and apply it to her work at NABCA. Director of Retail Operations Kim Walker, Interim Deputy Commissioner James Giffi n, Stephanie O'Brien, IT Director Linda Vincent and Commissioner Patrick Delaney. USHERING IN change "Stephanie has tremendous passion for what she does and is also very transparent." — Stephen Larson, outgoing NABCA chair

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