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StateWays is the only magazine exclusively covering the control state system within the beverage alcohol industry, with annual updates from liquor control commissions and alcohol control boards and yearly fiscal reporting from control jurisdictions

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47 StateWays n n May/June 2016 carpets, etc. and even the labor—has its own value. But putting the parts together in one place at one time into the final product dramatically elevates the value as a whole. One could think of the beverage alcohol business in the control states as that "house." There are many moving parts in to- day's business en- vironment. Control state liquor boards are dealing with operational, regulatory, legislative, sales and marketing issues, as well as satisfying the needs of their consumers every day. The industry is challenged with staying on top of ever-changing trends, new product in- novation, managing the strain of sometimes-limited product supply, trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, man- aging the expectations of internal and external stakeholders and satisfying the needs of their consumers. Today's consumer is more knowledgeable, more connected to the world and more demanding than ever before. Through the resources of NABCA and others, each of the control states and industry partners has access to more data, more quickly than ever before. As partners, it behooves industry membersto share information about their products and their vision for those brands in the future with of their control states partners. Equally important is for control states to continue to op- erate transparently with clearly defined and acceptable trade practices that help to maintain a level playing field, so all stakeholders are playing by the same set of rules. It's only by working together that we can all share in mutual success. At Luxco, we believe there may be no better example of "Collaboration Creates Opportunity" than the NABCA itself. Since its establishment in 1938, the NABCA has served as the conduit for collaborative efforts between control ju- risdictions and industry. Through the skillful leadership of Chairman Larson, as well as numerous past chairpersons, the NABCA has always strived to ensure an atmosphere of co- operation, mutual respect and open dialogue between all par- ties, as we have all tackled the many issues that have swirled around this industry. Over the past year, the NABCA has worked collabora- tively with a variety of industry members on initiatives ranging from alcohol education, trade practices and the growing craft business to warehouse logistics. It is one thing to talk about collaboration, but it's another thing to put it into action. The Board of Directors' continued support of the Industry Advisory Committee is a prime ex- ample of their commitment to the theme of this year's confer- ence. Interacting with the Board of Directors and their control state teams, the Industry Advisory Committee addresses many specific issues at different levels. This fifteen-member committee, selected by the Board of Directors, serves as a point of contact for all state jurisdic- tions to share areas of concern with their industry partners. Since its inception, this committee has been very successful in working collaboratively at various levels within all of the state jurisdictions. Because of the ongoing support of the Board of Directors, the IAC will continue to be even more instrumental in furthering timely communication between liquor boards and industry. Yes, "Collaboration Creates Opportunity." The success of any business or organization requires a spirit of collaboration. For this collaboration to take hold and grow, we need to com- municate in a frank, honest, respectful and transparent man- ner. The more effectively we collaborate and communicate, the better the result. What was started by past chairs, and continued under Chairman Larson, we are confident will continue under Chair Stephanie O'Brien and Chair-Elect Andy Deloney. With on- going leadership from the NABCA, we can all work together to further improve our efforts to address the obstacles and seek the new opportunities that lie ahead in this great industry. STEVE FELLER VICE PRESIDENT OF NORTH AMERICAN SALES HEAVEN HILL BRANDS This past year was an active one in beverage alcohol. The dramatic shifts occur- ring at each level of the three-tier system chal- lenge all of us in this dynamic industry. For- tunately, we often face these challenges col- lectively. Whether we are working together to consider regulatory issues or improving customer service, the NABCA's "Culture of Collaboration" contin- ues to serve as a model for industry partnership. the ADVISORY COMMITTEE WEIGHS IN "It's only by working together that we can all share in mutual success." —Rick Przebieda, Luxco

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