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StateWays n n May/June 2016 48 We share in the NABCA's Mission. Through the collab- orative efforts of member jurisdictions, the industry can work alongside advocates for public health and safety, responsi- bility and regulation. The organization has been a critical partner in working with many voices to build consensus and sound policy. By facilitating these discussions collectively, the NABCA serves suppliers, customers and the general public well. Heaven Hill Brands has for years been a leading supplier to the control states. Our company recently celebrated its 80th anniversary as a family-owned, private company. In those 80 years, control states have played a large role in helping us become the number-six overall supplier in the industry. Much of that success is predicated on the active dialogue we have with each state. As a partner, NABCA members have been committed to building our business. In the modern economy, speed to mar- ket and technology are critical factors. Administrators across the control state col- lective have been en- gaged and responsive to consumers' desire for modernization and efficiency. The result is control states meeting our business needs while respon- sibly generating ad- ditional tax revenues. Heaven Hill is now the fourth larg- est supplier to the system. We recog- nize the challenges each state is facing in these changing times. As a charter member of the Presi- dent's Forum – an industry organization founded to support safe and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and advocate for small and medium-sized spirits companies – we appreciate the opportunity to work within the control sys- tem, which has long provided equitable service to companies of all sizes. Thanks to the NABCA's commitment to a level playing field, allowing all of us to build a responsible market- place for consumers to shop. Over the past several years, we have been fortunate to be a part of the NABCA Advisory Committee. The opportunity to work with control state leaders in addressing industry chal- lenges has been important to our business. We appreciate the leadership and vision NABCA Chairman Stephen Larson has provided in both his home state and the entire NABCA. Thanks to Mr. Larson for his commitment to collaboration, and we look forward to the continued success demonstrated by the control state system. BJ VORDERER GM, CONTROL STATES PERNOD RICARD USA "Make a New Friend Every Day" Pernod Ricard's founder, Paul Ricard, saw that the key to the success of his business in the 1930s was to create last- ing friendships with customers and consumers. His philosophy, "Make a New Friend Every Day," was his distinct way of doing business and a key direction to all employees. It's this very spirit that has guided our business to where it is today, and partnering with our control state customers to bring that spirit to life will be vital for our future. We can do this by teaming together to be "Creators of Great Company." That means if our brands are at the center of great experiences in the company of family and friends, we can continue to promote and grow the presence of our brands. And, in turn, we will create great companies – and enjoy mutual success — because there will be more of our products and loyal customers at future experiences. Creators of Great Company is an anglicized version of Per- nod Ricard's global tagline, "Créateurs de Convivialité." It's impossible to translate the idea of "conviviality" with just one word because of all that it encompasses. Instead, it's best de- scribed as getting a group of people behind a common goal, a movement, and something that we passionately believe in and the way to choose to conduct our business each day. RESPONSIBILITY While there is spiritedness to conviviality, the term also im- plies responsibility. And to Pernod Ricard, that is about ensur- ing that our brands are consumed responsibly. In partnership with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (, we are proud to develop and sup- port shared initiatives aimed at discouraging inappropriate or excessive drinking – a mission we share with you, our control state partners. This year, we're glad to bring back our May Sales Blitz, fo- cused on promoting responsible service by our industry retail outlets. It's a conversation that cannot happen enough, and helps us to "Make a New Friend Every Day" by discussing a subject which will only increase the conviviality of our business. DYNAMIC MARKET For our consumers, we bring conviviality to life through in- novation, as we are fortunate to work in one of the most dy- namic drinks markets in the world. U.S consumers demand to absorb new experiences when imbibing at home or on a night out. the ADVISORY COMMITTEE WEIGHS IN "Through the collaborative efforts of member jurisdictions, the industry can work alongside advocates for public health and safety, responsibility and regulation." —Steve Feller, Heaven Hill Brands

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