Student Driver Placement

May 2016

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T I C K E T S NO MEMBERSHIP FEES NO MONTHLY DUES MOVING AND NON-MOVING 844-784-6384 INTERSTATE TRUCKER LTD. © Follow us on might get the charge reduced or the fi ne reduced; all which help you keep your CDL. The citation today may not cost you your job or your CDL, but if you add it with future citations it certainly will cost you your job or CDL. Sounds harsh, but it happens every day. What if you think you are guilty, should you still fi ght it? Yes! You should fi ght every citation you receive because you never know what the next citation will be and how it will add up with the current citation. The government must prove you violated the law as cited beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, then you are found not guilty and the citation goes away. This happens when the offi cer fails to appear for trial, or when there are confl icting witnesses, or the evidence the prosecutor offers is insuffi cient to prove your guilt. OK, so you decide to fi ght the citation. You are allowed under the US Constitution to defend yourself in court and act as your own attorney. I have seen people defend them- selves in court only to be found guilty because they know the facts but not the law. Attorneys spend three years and lots of money going to law school to learn the law. The facts are easy; the law is very complex which is why most people acting as their own at- torney end up admitting their guilt to the judge as they tell their story about what happened. Here is an example of an admission against interest (magic words in the law). "Judge I was only going 59 and the offi cer wrote me up for going 65 in May '16 1 3

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