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May 2016

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Turbo compounding Despite today's effi cient combus- tion and use of turbocharging, energy is still available in the exhaust in the form of heat and pressure. A new turbo compounding system was designed to recover this normally wasted energy on the 2017 Volvo D13 with Turbo Compound, help- ing boost fuel effi ciency by up to 6.5 percent. The SuperTruck program enabled Volvo engineers to refi ne the me- chanics and aerodynamics of the new geartrain and turbine, ensuring peak effi ciency in the "sweet spot" for Volvo's integrated powertrain. Common rail fuel injection A common rail fuel injection system was adapted to Volvo's 2017 D11 and D13 engines, which enables a higher injection pressure, improving combustion and allowing for fi ner control of the injection event. Through the SuperTruck program, the fuel injection system was opti- mized to match the new wave piston, Volvo says. Extensive engine testing and simulations led to an injector with enhanced fl ow rate, spray angle and pressure characteristics that allow the engine to operate more quietly and burn fuel more effi ciently. ◆ May '16 1 7

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