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May 2016

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Lesson Learned 18 May '16 By Todd Dills W hat was DeLullo talk- ing about? The bed- rock system on which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's CSA program, and perhaps more importantly the planned Safety Fitness Determination system, is based. That'd be the one that sends you over the scales on a daily basis or to the road- side for a log check or wider inspection. DeLullo presents a case in point: His company is a bulk wood-products hauler, mostly hauling its own prod- uct with its affi liate Woodbed com- pany. It's not uncommon for DeLullo drivers to carry two-gallon jugs for situations they might encounter in the course of a workday: One fi lled with salt, the other with oil. An inspection in New York resulted in a "hazmat violation," DeLullo says. The jugs are re-used treat- ment totes. "So when I buy the jugs, there's oil in them," he adds, but once they're re-used they're "not an approved container," the lynchpin of that particular violation. In a more recent incident, an of- fi cer DeLullo describes as a "local city cop" in Warren, Pa., that had been trained to conduct CVSA North American Standard inspections, stopped a DeLullo driver en route to the company's shop (a few miles away) to repair a tire. "My driver, just the day before, was in a long DOT check, so he wasn't 100 percent professional with the cop," DeLullo 'A broken system': Small fl eet owner on CSA, SFD reliance on roadside inspections, violations Our company's in great shape, but this system is a broken system. –Bob DeLullo of 16-truck, St. Marys, Pa.-based Dellulo Trucking

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