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live at home To liven up any sidewalk, front step or backyard deck, Rick Halbach of Klein's Floral and Greenhouses offers an easy formula for colorful container gardens Your Garden, Contained 1. The thrill: Start with a tall plant, such as the Coral Sensation Cordyline shown here, that will serve as a focal point for your miniature garden. 2. The fi ll: Fill in your container with mid-height plants, such as the India Frills Coleus, that will spread and add a lush look to your container. Choose these plants carefully—selecting all summer fl owers will lead to a bare container by fall. 3. The spill: Look to plants that will grow to cascade over the edges of your container like the Deep Purple and Light Green Ipomoea here. In your thrill, fi ll and spill, look to vary the colors of your fl owering plants as well as your greenery for interest and excitement. The container: A healthy container garden will thrive in the right environment. Choose a pot with proper drainage, such as these recyclable Ella containers by Novelty. Then add a combina- tion of lightweight soilless mix and bagged potting soil (not garden soil), and your plantings will be on their way to a happy, healthy life. The care: There's one word to remember when caring for your container garden: Water. Keep your container well hydrated, especially during hot summer days. Always keep the care tags that come with each plant to reference should you need it. And don't forget to fertilize! Talk to a greenhouse professional about the space your container garden will call home to get help fi nding the plants perfect for your space, style and maintenance level. 1 3 2 22 BRAVA Magazine May 2012

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