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workWith MeDina Pocernich Guiding a blooming local business to grow new roots If the beautiful weather outside isn't enough to satisfy your spring fever, Dina Pocernich can help you out. As owner of Prairie Flowers and Gifts, a home gifts and special occasions fl ower shop, Pocer- nich's world is always in bloom. And with the store now nestled into a new location in downtown Sun Prairie, it's clear that Pocernich is not just celebrating a fresh start—but the world of opportunities that go along with it. In fact, a little change has always sat well A Mother's Day Fix! What are the hot gifts for mom this year? In addition to tried-and-true options such as fl owers, scarves and jewelry, Pocernich says popular choices include glass birdhouses, purses and specialty hand creams, lip balms and perfumes. with the 45-year-old, who took over as owner of the shop after starting as a part-time salesperson years before. With a daily mélange of custom- ers who stroll through the doors needing fl owers for special oc- casions or to simply spruce up their homes, Pocernich is hap- pily kept on her toes. "I get bored easily…but I never get bored here. I don't know if [I] could ever [describe] a typical day in corner toward their busy season—from spring holidays to the growing number of wedding clients that fi ll weekends from summer until fall—Pocernich makes sure they also stay busy in the community giv- ing back. In addition to supporting groups working to boost education and children's health, she also has a special gift planned this May Day: a batch of 50 African vio- lets (along with other fl owers donated by customers) she'll be handing out to senior citizens throughout the town. Th ough the gesture is simple, she knows my life," she says. And while the company is turning the it can do wonders to lift the spirits of those who receive them. It's an impact that Pocernich sees in many of the custom- ers who walk through her door—and a mission that helps her see the business as something more. "We have the honor of being a part of important moments and milestones in people's lives—weddings, proms, propos- als, birthdays, funerals. It's so rewarding to be a part of that," she says. —Kelsey Sorenson May 2012 35 Photo by Tyler Robbins

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