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22 tobaccoasia / Issue 2, 2016 May / June) WHO SAID WHAT? PRODUCT NEWS 产品新闻 "The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids falsely claims that Big Tobacco is marketing gummy bear e-cigarettes to youth. But the truth is that the tobacco companies do not even produce gummy bear e-cigarettes." - Dr. Michael Siegel, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health Japan Pianissimo Products Upgraded Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) has announced new designs and renewed smoking experience of nine Pianissimo products. They will be rolled out nationwide from mid-May 2016. Pianissimo has been popular among many consumers who appreciate it's the individual taste, aroma, and design of the brand. Now, to increase brand loyalty of Pianissimo and to satisfy consumers further JT is upgrading combinations of the package and stick design, and the aroma and taste of the nine Pianissimo products along with each individual characteristics. Pianissimo Aria Menthol will have more sophisticated and refined cigarette paper design. Two Pianissimo Precia Series products will have more gorgeous package. Three Pianissimo Icene Series products will have sharper flavor and aroma with a bold red and black bicolor design package. Three Pianissimo Aromatic Series products will feature smoother, gentle flavor and aroma; the packages given a more graceful look. Pianissimo Mevius Redesigned Mevius Launched Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) has announced the upgrade of 16 standard Mevius products in new design in June 2016 across Japan as part of the brand's third anniversary celebration. Furthermore JT will launch three new products from Mevius: Mevius Option Rich Plus 10, Mevius Option Rich Plus 6, and Mevius Option Rich Plus One 100's nationwide in late May 2016. In 2013, aiming to become the No. 1 global premium brand, JT changed the name of Mild Seven to Mevius, and since then has taken a number of initiatives to improve the product and its services. With the celebration of its third anniversary in 2016, Mevius will commit to accelerating the brand evolution and further improving the product and services to deliver the feel of "Ever Evolving. Ever Surprising." to consumers. Mevius, the leading brand of capsule products in Japan, will now release three new Mevius Option Rich Plus products offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy capsules for non-menthol products. When you crush the capsule built into the filter, you can enjoy roasted aroma and smooth taste.

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