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60 tobaccoasia / Issue 2, 2016 May / June) Essentra: More Legislation Means More Testing Required Legislation to control tobacco products is becom- ing more stringent and operating in this sector is increasingly complex with new ever-changing leg- islative requirements. The imminent EU Directive is one example of the significant changes we can expect to see to the tobacco and vaping industries, the effects of which will be felt globally and will include new requirements for regulation and com- position of both combustibles and e-cigarettes. Essentra Scientific Services was one of the first laboratories in the world to be both accredited for testing tobacco products and filters to ISO 17025 and UKAS accredited for testing products against the FDA's abbreviated and expanded HPHC lists. As such the Essentra team has been at the fore- front of method development for the analysis of traditional tobacco products, and the laboratory has the capacity for a range of services. These include tests for ignition propensity and tobacco level as well as analysis of mainstream and side- stream smoke, covering all compounds accounted for by current regulation. Originally, Essentra set up the laboratory to provide quality control for filter manufacture, sup- porting internal projects focused on the develop- ment of new filters. Over the years the business has evolved in line with the external environment and is now a key pillar in our strategy to be a total solutions provider to the tobacco industry. In comparison to the mature tobacco market, the vaping industry, which has grown exponen- tially in the last few years, is in its infancy. That said the external environment is just as complex. Countries such as Canada, Australia, and France have already brought e-cigarettes under tighter regulation, and the likes of China and Thailand are being called upon to do the same. Some markets, such as Indonesia, Singapore, and most recently Malaysia, have completely prohibited the import, distribution, and sale of e-cigarettes. These mea- sures are likely to fuel further uncertainty in this relatively new market and may lead to other coun- tries and governments following suit or imple- menting tighter regulations. By Patrick Meredith, Essentra Innovations Director

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