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64 tobaccoasia / Issue 2, 2016 May / June) Rolling Papers If your company is not in the Suppliers Guide, but you would like to be included, we would be happy to do so. Please drop us an email at and we will make sure to include your company's information in a future edition of the Suppliers Guide: Cigarette Machinery and Filters. REPUBLIC TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL, SAS Cigarette Papers, Rolling Papers The specialist of RYO and MYO. makes and distributes the largest range of products in the category, such as the world famous French manufactured rolling papers : JOB, Zig-Zag, OCB and traditional Swan products in Great Britain and Ireland. In 2015, Republic launched the OCB Ultimate range, the thinnest paper in the world weighing only 10g/m2. Republic also supplies a complete range of RYO/MYO products, such as filter tubes, filter tips, roll- ing machines, injectors , e-liquids and e-vap products under brands : JOB, Zig-Zag, OCB, Rolling, Altesse, Memphis, e-CG, Swan (for Great Britain & Ireland). Since 2014 Republic Technologies has been manufacturing e-liquids as well as distributing its complete range of e-liquids and a complete assortment of vaping ac- cessories udner the grand name OCB around the world. Republic Technologies has the following certifications and accreditations: Qual- ity Assurance ISO 9001; Environmental Certification ISO 14001; Management Sys- tem OHSAS 18001 Certifiacation; and FSC Accreditation. Contacts: Philippe Parcevaux, president; Santiago Sanchez, managing director; Anis Benticha, export manager; Gabriel Alfaro, Benjamin Lecointre, and Denis Rous, assistant sales managers; and Valérie Amiguas, marketing manager. Members of the Republic Group and associated groups are: Republic Technolo- gies France, Perpignan, France (booklets production); Republic Tobacco, Chicago, IL, US: (US distribution); Republic Technologies Canada, Montreal, Canada (Canadi- an distribution); TOP Tobacco LP, Lake Waccamaw, NC, USA (US and international RYO tobaccos and cut fillers); Altesse, Fürstenfeld, Austria (filter tubes and filter tips production) ; PTC (Productos Tecnologicos Catalanes), Barcelona, Spain (production of filter tips and other specialty items); Top Tubes, Montreal, Canada (filter tubes production); OCB Vertriebs, Heinsberg, Germany (Germany distribution); OCB Ver- triebs, Fürstenfeld, Austria (Austria distribution); and Republic Technologies UK, High Wycombe, England (UK and Ireland distribution). REPUBLIC TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL, SAS 3750 avenue Julien Panchot F- 66004 Perpignan, France Phone: +33 4 68 85 12 27 | Fax 33 4 68 85 65 85 | Email : and Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A. Cigarette Papers, Rolling papers Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A. is a company whose history goes back as far as the 18th century. In 1879, the Miquel y Costas brothers de- cided to turn their family paper busi- ness, which had been in existence without a break since 1725, into a limited company. Now the Miquel y Costas Group consists of thirteen subsidiaries and associated company, all centred on the paper industry and covering everything from marketing to services. From the outset the principal line of business has been the manufacture of fine and specialty lightweight papers, with the main specialization being hi-tech cigarette papers. The bulk of the output, after supplying the domestic market, is exported. The company has long experience in the export market, as shown by the fact that for al- most 125 years it has had its own sales agents and a large customer base in Havana, Mexico City, Valparaiso, New York, and other places. The company's state-of-the-art technology, developed in house, enables it to be present in the major world markets, including those that are most demanding when it comes to total quality. Consequently, customers and their requirements have always been the focal point of the company's business. Proven expertise in the manufacture of specialty papers, backed up by system- atic research and long technical experience, have enabled the group to expand its ranges to include other products with a similar technological basis. The result of these efforts and experience is the high quality achieved in the production of cigarette papers, rolling papers, printing papers, specialty papers and textile pulps, which has made the Miquel y Costas Group one of the top Spanish manufacturers of specialty lightweight papers and among the worldwide leaders. MIQUEL Y COSTAS & MIQUEL S.A. Tuset 10 08006 Barcelona, Spain The Rolling Paper Co. Cigarette rolling paper Manufacturing in both Indonesia and China, The Rolling Paper Co. produces custom rolling papers for satisfied clients around the world. TRPC offers a quality selection of paper weights from 12.5 gsm to 20 gsm and a variety of paper blends such as wood pulp, unbleached wood pulp and 100% hemp. TRPC also offers the full range of sizes. Finishes include matte, glossy, holographic, embossed and debossed packaging and can deliver with very short turnaround times, consistent quality and affordable pricing. TRPC serves customers of all capacities, from bands to small head shops to large tobacco distributors, with an initial trial order of 1,000 booklets in a custom brand to allow market testing without any risk. The Rolling Paper Company Ashwyn Daryanani Tel.: +8620 38886325 | Mob: +86 18665001311 GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH Products: RYO: Rolling Papers and Filters, MYO: Filter Tubes and filling devices. GIZEH Raucherbedarf belongs to the corporate group Mignot & De Block, Netherlands. The group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of smokers' accessories. The worldwide well known and distributed brands are Mascotte and Gizeh. Products include a complete assortment of rolling papers, roll up filters, filter tubes, and accessories for self-made smoking enjoyment. The company recently showcased the innovative and unique Magnet Seal rolling paper range. It covers a variety of paper weights from 12 gsm up to 23.5 gsm, including papers made from organic hemp, in all international sizes. Gizeh and Mascotte rolling papers (papers and packaging) are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for responsible management of the world's forests, which supply the raw material used for paper production. Personnel: Lisa Esser, manager, international business; Christian Hinz, managing director. GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH Bunsenstrasse 12, 51647 Gummersbach Germany Phone: +49 2261 4059 130 | Fax: +49 2261 4059 303 E-Mail: and

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