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Page 13 of 43 14 • June 2016 14 • June 2016 June 2016 June 2016 "THERE IS A RUM FOR EVERYBODY," says Justin Roberts, bar manager at La Descarga in Los Angeles. "We have rums that translate well for whiskey drinkers, rums that translate well for vodka drinkers—and everybody in between." The Cuban-themed speakeasy, part of the Houston Hospitality group, boasts more than 120 rums from around the world. Roberts and his team strive to create rum converts by offering tastes to the undecided. Says the bar manager, "99% of the time they say, 'Wow.' They have a revelation. That's fun to witness." Rum's wide range of expressions and fl avors make it fl exible, and it's that adaptability that is helping the spirit carve out a place on the modern backbar. One operator is so convinced that rum is all you need that rum is all he offers. "We have a different perspective than other places with rum in their name; rum is exclusively what we do, it is the only spirit we offer," says Dwayne Allen, co-owner of The Breadfruit & Rum Bar in Phoenix. When the Caribbean-style restaurant fi rst opened in 2008, only about 30 varieties of rum were available in the state, The bar's curated collection now includes over 150 examples. Every bottle is on display along a "wall of rum" and listed in the Rum Manifest. The manifesto includes The Breadfruit's cuisine, too, with signature dishes like Appleton Rum Sea Scallops and Rum-Glazed Prawns. > > > > Operators are raising rum's profi le with sophisticated cocktails, eye-catching presentations and top-shelf expressions

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