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STiR tea & coffee industry international 45 ANEI in the Chibchan language means "delicious" The brand was cre- ated by the indigenous groups to enable the sales. It is commercialized in different locations throughout Colombian territory such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, and Santa Marta. Jorge told proudly that their coffee reached further horizons and now they also sell directly to different countries in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Most of them are bought by small coffee shops that are interested in acquir- ing organic quality coffee and support the story behind the beans: the ancient indig- enous culture in Sierra Nevada. The commitment of ecofriendly prac- tices is officially guaranteed by USA Or- ganic and Eco Cert certification. They also hold the Fair Trade certificate as a proof that producers have been respect- ed and the sales profits are helping to im- prove their quality life. JAS certification was demanded in order to reach de Japa- nese market and ANEI coffee also has the Café de Colombia certification, from the National Coffee Federation, in their portfolio. During an interview at ExpoE- speciales 2015, held in Bogotá, Jorge said that the best part of certifications is that they focus three important goals for the indigenous people. "The environmental care helps us to keep harmony with nature and sus- tainability, enables a fair trade between mankind and our lands, water and trees". And for sure the social part of the whole process, "these help us to keep everyone united with one main goal: mankind and nature live harmonically". Besides coffee, the tribes' souvenirs are also commercialized in specific shops and also via internet. Mugs, Arhuaca bags, craft items, Ayú tea (aromatic infu- sion of coca leaves), and panela (typical The Heart of The World The beauty of Sierra Nevada can be explained in its very unique ecosystem. Deserts, wetlands, tropical rain forests, and snow-capped mountain peaks in the same region. No surprise when their ancient habitants – the Arhuacos, Koguis, kankuamos, Wiwas – state that this is the heart of the world. In the Northeastern Colombia, it is located the middle of three departments: La Guajira, Magdalena, and Cesar, where oddly has no geological connection with the Andes even being really close). The pyramid shaped mountain is the highest in the coast with its 5,775 m (18,946 ft) from the sea level and 42 km (26 miles) from the coast. The 30 rivers with pure water from the snowy peaks and several natural springs welcome a very diverse range of plants and animals. With its 17,000 square km of territory, 80% is within two national parks the Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Tayrona National Park. It is so unique and rich that the area was declared as a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Known as the sacred lands, Sierra Nevada is considered the heart of the world. According to their beliefs, everything that happens in this region will happen in other parts fo the globe. For this reason, their sacred task is to keep the balance of the spiri- tual and ecological world. The work of creating ANEI organic coffee is a gift of the ASO ANEI (Productores Agroecologicos Indigenas y Campesinos De La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) to the world. Coffee harvesting is done by hand Jawa Nckun Jawa Sinigala Jawa Kataka Jawa Nakuma Kwaremun Seynewmen Ugeka Muriakun Ku Riwa Swi Kanu Gunkana Ka Aka Kunchiaku Ma Rakwi Kasintarato Bunkwa Nerwa Bunkwa Nariwa Jwamuke Anskwsta Kukuzwe Zeamuke Jmakamuke Jawa Ninawi Jawa Waxkami Shikaka Jawa Julekun Jawa Nakumuke Jawa Nakeiu Jawa Mutainzhi Jawa Mitasama Jawa Kumekun Jawa Shikaka Jawa Taniwashkaka Jwazenshika Jukulwa Jate Telugama Jate Mixtendwe Lwen Mamalujwa Zenizha Alaneia Jakzaka Lwen M a r C a r i b e Sitios Sagrados de linea Negra Linea Negra 1'751.601 Ha Colombian beverage that mixes coffee and pure dried sugar cane juice) are the main products nowadays. They also orga- nize a three-day cultural tour in different indigenous villages. Called Anei Etnoturis- tico, the trip is designed to introduce the ancient culture of Iku Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to visitors. It is interesting to note that during the devastating years that the coffee rust fun- gus ravaged Colombia little harm came to the heirloom coffees of bourbon, yellow bourbon, and caturra, grown by the Ar- huacoas - testament to their centuries old practices of integrating solid waste, soil recovery, and wildlife preservation. Photo credit: ANEI website

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