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July 2016

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Page 12 of 39 Good Fruit Grower JULY 2016 13 follow A sense of security Regardless of the details, a written, legal framework with exit clauses and buyout procedures gives the Bays family a sense of security that the farm will continue. "If something happens to any of us, things continue to go on," Ken said. The plan also allows the older gener- ations to set aside a nest egg for all their children, whether they work on the farm or not, while being fair to those who do. For example, Daniel has three sisters and several cousins. All grew up working summers on the farm to varying degrees. Daniel is the only one doing so full time now. A written succession plan, drafted with the help of a lawyer and accountant, helped the family place a numeric value on the difference between those levels of involvement. In fact, the family started the discussions in earnest after Daniel earned his degree in 2011 from California Polytechnic State University and returned to the farm. "I came back and had nothing to offer other than labor," he said. The hardest part was convincing everybody in the family to speak their true thoughts and feelings, "not try to be just Mr. Nice Guy," Ken said. • Photos by tJ Mullinax/Good Fruit Grower Three generations of the Bays family in a shop at Bays Ranches in Patterson, California: Daniel Bays, far left, his grandfather, Gene, center, and father, Ken. The trio recently completed a legal succession plan to determine how the family farm will be operated and owned for future generations, a move recommended for most family orchard businesses. The proven "one-pick" Gala strain that delivers deep red stripes and fuller red color. A Van Well Nursery exclusive introduction.

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