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July 2016

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14 JULY 2016 Good Fruit Grower P each growers and shippers in the Northeast who market to large retailers are seeing increas- ing competition from shippers in California, Georgia, South Carolina and even countries in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Middle Atlantic states, particularly, they have responded by con- tinuing to change their stone fruit offerings to capture more shelf space in the produce section. Though Mid-Atlantic peach production volume is less than that of the Southeast, the region has a number of attributes that make it a solid peach-growing location: good, well-drained sandy loam soils, a temperate climate and timely rainfall throughout the growing season — as well as proximity to major population centers. Traditionally, the market has hung its hat on yellow- fleshed peaches, said Jerry Frecon, a Rutgers University emeritus professor and horticultural consultant to Adams County Nursery of Aspers, Pennsylvania. "We can pick them from June 20 through Sept. 15 but, unfortunately, have difficulty moving fruit and getting prices to cover the costs of production and marketing." Marketing challenges in the Mid-Atlantic Eastern growers compete with new peach and nectarine varieties. by Dave Weinstock Summer Fruits Courtesy Jerry FreCon Developed at Rutgers University, the SilverGem nectarine is 80 percent red with a cream-colored background. It offers good resistance to bacterial spot and handles low temperatures, a big plus for Eastern growers who have dealt with two very cold winters and below-freezing spring temperatures in the past three seasons. Introducing the Gripple T-Clip Using Gripple's push to fit technology, the Gripple T-Clip provides a fast and efficient means of maintaining precise distance between the fruiting walls in V-Trellis growing systems. Find the Gripple T-Clip and other quality Gripple products at your local orchard & vineyard supplier. Gripple Medium Badger Anchor D6 Fastener How to use: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 1-866-474-7753

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