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July 2016

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8 JULY 2016 Good Fruit Grower A traditional Darwin string thinner works just fi ne on fruit trees trellised or hedged in fl at, fl owering walls. But the trees sup- plying California's canned peach industry don't always grow that way, and few grow- ers can afford to up and replant their entire orchard at once. So, Frank Bavaro, a mechanically handy cling peach grower in the Central Valley, rebuilt a Darwin instead. Using the Darwin's hydraulic motors and orbital spinning shafts, Bavaro made two modifi cations: He mounted the thinners horizontally on a high post to break up the clusters on the tops of trees, and mounted one vertically onto a pivoting arm that allows a worker to swing the strings in and out of the canopy to follow the contours of the branches. He considers the modifi cations easy and cheap. California cling peach grower modifi es Darwin for nonplanar orchards. by Ross Courtney Summer Fruits Reinventing the string thinner

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