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July 2016

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Page 8 of 39 Good Fruit Grower JULY 2016 9 "Literally, for $1,000, and a guy's got one," said Bavaro, known by family members and friends for converting an old airplane prop into a ceiling fan, a giant mill saw blade into a patio furnace and an old grain mill into an entertainment center. Last year, Bavaro ran his own trials on 7.5 acres of his own Ross variety trees and found that the thinner reduced his labor needs and increased fruit size. He built three more of his homemade thinners, towed behind a conventional tractor, and used them this year on 125 "What I would really like is for people to look at this thing. Try it. It's a no-brainer." —Frank Bavaro Photos by tJ Mullinax Isaac Bernardino operates a custom-built overhead blossom thinner in a cling peach block at Bavaro Ranches in Escalon, California. The device, invented by Frank Bavaro (shown in his orchard below left) uses the flailing whips from a Darwin string thinner, attached to a steel armature, to better access blossoms in a traditional vase style orchard. APPROVALS Take the mighty out of the mites. Always read and follow label directions. Grow Smart is a trademark of BASF Corporation. Nealta is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation. © 2016 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved. APN 16-MKT-0037 with Nealta ® miticide. With its unique site of action, Nealta miticide gives you highly effective control of spider mites in your pome fruit orchards. It controls mites at all life stages, is compatible with many benefi cials, and gives you an effective resistance management tool. Formoreinformation, contact your local BASFAuthorizedRepresentative. S:6.5" S:12.87" T:6.75" T:13.12" SPC160013_GS_Nealta_Pome_6-75x12-12.indd 1 6/1/16 4:07 PM

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