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National Catholic Forester 12 Deceased Court Name, Number, City, State CALIFORNIA Richard G. Puertas Court 9995, CA Ensaf Aiad Court 9995, CA Ofa T. Pekipaki Court 9995, CA James L. Anderson Court 9995, CA Loreto C. Mangunlay Court 9995, CA Andrew R. Gonzales, Jr. Court 9995, CA ILLINOIS Joan C. Hubbs Holy Family 1, Chicago, IL Harold J. Freeman Holy Family 1, Chicago, IL Mary M. Olson St. Joseph 4, Chicago, IL Rita Somerville St. Mary of St. Carmel 272, Chicago, IL Mary M. Hofbauer St. Mary 329, Chicago, IL Helen Pazanin St. Mary 329, Chicago, IL Alice S. O'Malley St. Anne 375, East Moline, IL Dolores Rose Van De Laar 441, Chicago, IL George D. Richbark St. Paul 494, Macomb, IL Dorothy E. Scanlan St. Stephana 529, Aurora, IL Mary Therese Heilmann St. Stephana 529, Aurora, IL Mary Jane McIntyre St. Anthony 674, Rockford, IL Mary E. Weitekamp St. Maurice 743, Morrisonville, IL Joan G. Lenzo St. George 802, Harvey, IL Claudia T. Silvasi St. Lucy 814, Chicago, IL Sr. M. Josephine Rosenkranz St. Monica 835, La Salle, IL Mary Rogina St. Anthony 946, Joliet, IL Marciana J. Bunce St. Ita 1190, Chicago, IL Dorothy M. Einwich Court 1253, West Dundee, IL Randy Brent Seaton Court 9987, Chicago. IL INDIANA Virginia M. Scudder Our Lady of Help 865, Cedar Lake, IN Helen Miller St. Antoinette 870, Fort Wayne, IN Walter J. Gremaux St. Antoinette 870, Fort Wayne, IN Larry R. Schimes St. Antoinette 870, Fort Wayne, IN Bernadette M. Flook Holy Trinity 1084, Ambia, IN Rose M. Essey Court 9986, IN IOWA Arthur F. Schmitt St. Lucia 233, St. Lucas, IA Irene Kupka St. Theresa 632, Clutier, IA Patrick J. Vandewalle Sacred Heart 727, Cedar Rapids, IA Maureen A. Jones Sacred Heart 727, Cedar Rapids, IA Madonna Boeckman Our Lady of Perpetual Help 883, Breda, IA Marcella I. High Holy Travelers 1094, Grundy Center, IA Imelda F. Eckermann St. Ann 1161, Cosgrove, IA Leonard D. Watts, Jr. Court 9985, IA Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed members ... March - May 2016 NCSF INCOME STATEMENT FOR THE THREE MONTHS ENDED MARCH 31, 2016 Premium & Annuity Considerations $1,632,165 Net Investment & Miscellaneous Income 2,117,209 _______ TOTAL INCOME 3,749,375 ________ Claims/Benefits Paid 1,513,410 Expenses 835,900 Change in Benefit Reserves 1,076,213 _______ TOTAL EXPENSE 3,425,523 ________ NET GAIN/(LOSS) FROM OPERATIONS 323,852 Less Refunds to Members Incurred 88,190 Plus Net Realized Capital Gain/(Loss) 0 _______ NET INCOME/(LOSS) $235,661 ________ ________ continued on page 24 for our Society because we are fortunate to have a solid foundation and financial stability. We have ample levels of risk based capital to absorb expected and unexpected shocks. As the economy continues to pressure portfolio returns and the profitability of many products, it is our responsibility to maintain a stable financial picture as we strategically add new products, partnerships, and personnel. The remaining year and the year ahead are expected to bring about change driven by new regulations, potential rising interest rates, increased leverage in technologies, and the continued shifting of how consumers buy life insurance. The next step is for our Society to begin reshaping our image and reestablishing the foundation of the court system that we began 125 years ago. Currently the Society has 74 active courts whose presidents continue to engage their communities by being true to our guiding principles of "Love, Benevolence, and Charity!" We thank them for their dedicated service. Over the past two months I have had the opportunity to talk with several members of our independent network of sales agents. They are excited about new NCSF opportunities in products and benefits they will be able to share with their clients. Please take time to read our message from our President on page 5 and the article on our Fraternalist of the Year on page 26. Over the next month we will engage our members to participate in a focus group. This group will help NCSF explore new possibilities for creating a new face for the Society and for reestablishing and reinventing our fraternal ways in order to be beneficial for all members and their communities. Fraternally, LISA M. BICKuS, CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER (COO) Chief Operations Officer continued from page 6

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