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Summer 2016

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National Catholic Forester 14 AgeNt SPOtligHt Introducing George Howard Insurance Producer George Howard grew up on a crop and cattle farm in Counsel Bluff, Iowa – it was a 300-acre Century Farm (in the family for over 140 years) that belonged to his grandfather. THE BEGINNING OF A CAREER. As a young adult, George attended the Commercial School of Commerce where he learned business management. In 1954 he worked at a Ford dealership as a grease monkey, making $1 an hour. There George became friends with a salesman who would give him $50 for every client he could recommend. George became so good with referrals that he began making more money with his recommendations than his regular job! Already one could see, George had a gift with people. One day, when George was 20, he came home from his job in the engineer department at the City of Counsel Bluffs, Iowa. As he ran inside to change for bowling his car was stolen! Luckily they found it, but the incident acquainted George with his car insurance agent at the Farm Bureau. They spoke about how much the agent made selling hail insurance on corn and beans – about $1,100 a month in 1956! George saw an opportunity – he knew he was good with people, he knew he was good with numbers; so George went to apply for work at the Farm Bureau. He scored high on the aptitude test, but at 20 years old was too young to hire. But George, people-person he is, talked them into hiring him anyway! George was very successful selling car, home owner, and life insurance at the Farm Bureau. However, George always leaned towards selling life insurance. When George first started his career he spoke to his father about owning his own insurance business instead of working on the farm, which he worked at every night. "See if it will work" his dad said – and he did! In 1962 George became an independent insurance agent. "This is what I love to do" said George, "I love to talk to people." With a business motto oriented on service, George's success continued to grow. "I like to help [clients] with their finances. I really appreciate the fact that people trusted me." He teaches his clients to be diligent and disciplined, to save money. He advises them. He has helped widows; he has helped keep homes intact. "If you buy a home with a 20-year mortgage and purchase home insurance," relates George, "The chances are greater that you may die [than it of your home burning down.] The benefits of life insurance are real." THE HOwARDS AT CHERRy CORNER AgENCy

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