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National Catholic Forester 30 "Breathe deep!" That's common advice for patients in respiratory therapy. In our own lives we often need to be reminded to breathe deeply of God's Spirit. The psalms tell us that without God's breath, we perish, but with God's breath, we are created anew. What a difference the Spirit can make in how we approach everyday circumstances! According to Jesus, the promised advocate is the Holy Spirit. He will be the teacher and comforter for the disciples once Jesus returns to the Father. In essence the Spirit will be the very presence of Christ within the disciples, forming them into the likeness of Christ Himself. But they have to learn to trust in the breath that the Spirit gives them. Once they learn to breathe from the essence of the Spirit within them, they will do the work of Christ despite their own human limitations and frailties. We share in the same Spirit that infl amed and spirited the lives of the disciples. If we seek the Spirit and allow Him to work, the Spirit will be our advocate, comforter, ally, guide, and inspiration. We are never without the Spirit. e Holy Spirit, as our advocate, is the witness to our mind and heart that Christ is the only way to life: the way to the Father, the way in which to live our lives, and the way on which we should continue despite any hurt or obstacle. e Holy Spirit is our advisor as we try to state the case for Christ, His way of justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness. e Holy Spirit is our comforter when our love and service is rejected or ridiculed. e Holy Spirit is our hope, assuring us that all things can be renewed in Christ. He is our guide, directing our feet in the ways and means of forgiveness, justice, and compassion. e Holy Spirit is our energizer, stirring up the grace that we can bring to our families and ministry. e Holy Spirit is also always renewing and healing all the wounds and hurts that we face in life. Take time each day to breathe deeply of the Spirit. As the Spirit renews us, the world will be renewed as well. FATHER CuRT SPIRITuAL ADVISOR "Breathe deep!" That's common advice for patients Breathe deeply of God's Spirit FATHER CURT'S REFLECTION

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