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Summer 2016 — 5 Summer 2016 — 5 ADDRESS SOME OF THE COMMUNITy'S NEEDS, START A NEw COURT! Are you an NCSF member who doesn't live near an active court? Are there unmet needs in your parish or community? Starting a new NCSF court in your area is a wonderful way to address some of the community's needs. We know that our members are generous, dedicated people who have a "heart" for various ministries. Whether assisting their parishes, establishing warming houses for the homeless, supporting pantries for those who are "food insecure," working in jail ministry or catechesis, NCSF members all over the country are involved in the corporal works of mercy. St. Catherine of Siena is just one of hundreds of saints who are fitting patrons for our members. She is described as a strong young woman, guided by God and willing to listen to Him in all things. St. Catherine spent her early years in prayer, and then shifted to active service of the sick and dying. She became known for holiness, wisdom, and diplomacy – even in matters of settling disputes between local governments and disputes between factions in the Church! She actually convinced the pope of the time to leave residency in Avignon, France and return to Rome! She is a wonderful role model for deepening one's personal prayer life, as well as being a model of perseverance and dedication to the humble service of others. Like Catherine of Siena, we might also be called to speak out courageously against the evils in society, to get actively involved in serving others, or to provide prayer support for those who are actively engaged in ministries. Pope Francis has declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy and has called us to greater compassion for the poor. Our two previous popes called us to a new evangelization and a deepening of our own interior life and relationship with Jesus through prayer, spiritual reading, and receiving the sacraments. These two calls of a deepening prayer life and generous mercy are both aspects of one spiritual life. But, as we all know, it can be difficult to focus on the call to holiness when the world around us is so full of distractions! As members of NCSF we have additional help in maintaining our focus. We have spiritual support provided to us through prayers and Masses offered for one another; we have the personal support of fellowship and camaraderie with other members; and, we have NCSF programs that provide financial assistance for our outreach efforts. If you are an NCSF member who is not in an active court, consider starting one. Call or email me and we will discuss options for developing something in your area. With these unique opportunities for fraternal support, we can answer the call of the popes to deepen our own spiritual life and develop a greater compassion for the poor. Engaged in outreach, we can benefit from the example of holy men and women who have gone before us and provide intercession and guidance. NATIONAL PRESIDENT MARGARET "PEGGY" SCHMITT National President's Message St. catherine of Siena: a Model for a New court Are you an NCSF member who National President's Message St. catherine of Siena: a Model for a New court

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