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July/August 2016

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solutions. The balance between overwhelming unwanted noise and allowing quiet conversation nearby requires careful consideration of where and how noise can be diminished and enhanced. Boulder placement, spillway orientation plus flow control of water volume are ways to remedy volume concerns. Rose: There can be many challenges in any type of landscape, large or small: slope, narrow lots, tree canopy. Your client may want a water feature or a pond, but you cant seem to squeeze it into their space or have it make sense in their design. That's why I think it is sometimes easier to fit in a pondless water feature, you only need a small area and your basin area is straight down. Also, it can seem like a less permanent landscape amenity if the client decides they don't like it years down the road. Richard: Challenges faced with designing ponds and water features include access issues and cost to the client. However if the water feature is designed properly, in conjunction with the client, you can work within any budget and on any scale. A water feature can be small and cost effective. Q: Have you worked on any unique pond or water feature projects recently? Drew: Each project I have worked on presented unique challenges to catch the client's imagination. One of our projects — the Smith project's — exterior water feature begins two feet inside the property line and flows directly PROJECT BY DENNIS' 7 DEES LANDSCAPING, PHOTO BY JOHN CURTIS Landscape and Irrigation July/August 2016 23 PROJECT BY DENNIS' 7 DEES LANDSCAPING, PHOTO BY MAX MONTY PROJECT BY RB LANDSCAPES, PHOTO BY RICHARD BELLEMO PROJECT BY RB LANDSCAPES, PHOTO BY PATRICK REDMOND

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