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We were not satisfied with just developing a lubricant at the cutting edge of technology. We wanted to scientifically prove the remarkable benefits that Castrol Elixion 5W‑30 can offer fleet operators worldwide. OPE R AT ION A L C O S T SAV ING S Castrol Elixion has been specially designed to give fuel economy savings while protecting the engine and allowing extended service intervals. Reviewing the total operating costs of a fleet, it is easy to see where most dollars are spent. Fuel is the biggest variable operating cost for truck fleets today. The combined cost of lubricants, maintenance and tires does not equal the cost to fuel a fleet's vehicles. Fleet Operating Costs 16% Depreciation 13% Overhead 28% Maintenance 6% Tires 1% Lubricants 36% Fuel SPECIF ICAT ION S • API CJ‑4, CI‑4 Plus • Cummins CES 20081 • Mack EO‑O Premium Plus • Volvo VDS‑4 • CAT ECF‑3 • MB Sheet‑228.31 B A C K N E X T E 3 L A B C H E C K E N G i N E T R A N S M i S S i O N A X L E F i F T H W H E E L & G R E A S E S S U P E R C L E A N H O M E H Y D R A U L i C F L U i D S C A S T R O L E L i X i O N 5 W‑ 3 0

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