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OU T S TA NDING W E A R C ON T ROL In natural gas engines, ash deposits are a primary contributor to wear on metal surfaces like cams and cylinders. Castrol Vecton NG provides excellent ash wear protection across extended drain intervals. Cummins C8.3G test results show that not only does the additive chemistry in Vecton NG easily pass the test at the standard 200 hours, it also has outstanding performance when extended to 400 hours. Cutting edge technology is the key to extended drain performance. Cummins C8.3G Cylinder Wear Test Average Liner Wear, Microns 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Duratec ES 200 Hours Vecton NG Duratec ES 400 Hours Vecton NG CES 20074 Pass/Fail Limit for 200 Hour test, 5 Microns B A C K N E X T E 5 0 L A B C H E C K E N G i N E T R A N S M i S S i O N A X L E F i F T H W H E E L & G R E A S E S S U P E R C L E A N H O M E H Y D R A U L i C F L U i D S C A S T R O L V E C T O N N G E S 1 5 W‑ 4 0

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