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A G M A V I S C O S I T Y G R A D E 6 E P 7 E P 8 E P I S O V I S C O S I T Y G R A D E 3 2 0 4 6 0 6 8 0 Viscosity @40°C/104°F, cSt 319.4 458.2 704 Viscosity @100°C/212°F, cSt 32.3 41.2 62.2 Viscosity @38°C/100°F, SUS 1,480 2,122 3,260 Viscosity @99°C/210°F, SUS 152.9 193.5 29 Viscosity Index 141 139 156 Timken OK Load (lbs/kg) 75/34 75/34 75/34 FZG Gear Test, load stage >12 >12 >12 Pour Point, °C ‑36 ‑23 ‑27 °F ‑32 ‑9 ‑17 Flash Point, °C 229 229 226 °F 445 445 439 Gravity, °API 32.4 31.0 35.0 Specific Gravity @16°C/60°F 0.863 0.871 0.85 Pounds per Gallon 7.18 7.25 7.07 • Castrol Isolube EP Lubricants provide exceptional oxidative and thermal stability in selected applications. • Castrol Isolube EP Lubricants offer a unique approach to gear and system component lubrication through a focused formulation that will provide the end user with true confidence in the selected application. T Y PICA L A N A LYSI S B A C K N E X T A1 6 L A B C H E C K E N G i N E T R A N S M i S S i O N A X L E F i F T H W H E E L & G R E A S E S S U P E R C L E A N H O M E H Y D R A U L i C F L U i D S C A S T R O L i S O L U B E E P For further information and resources please click this link to Castrol Canada GPS guide – Castrol Isolube EP

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