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14 STiR coffee and tea / Issue 4, 2016 (August/September) EQUIPMENT NEWS Probat and Tomra Unveil New Sorter Probat and Belgian-based Tomra have teamed up to introduce the LST, a sensor-based sorting machine. The free-fall laser sorter simultaneously rejects foreign objects such as small glass and plastic particles, stones, sticks, metal parts as well as discoloured and deformed green or roasted coffee with extremely high efficiency. It works with high resolution lasers enabling it to sort objects which cannot be detected by conventional sorters. Thus, it is capable of rejecting based on biological characteristics like chlorophyll. Unwanted and difficult to detect objects such as little sticks or green coffees of very heterogeneous color are easily identified. Implemented with the smart and flex sort modules, the LST is able to auto- matically set itself. Incoming products are analyzed and the best sorting parameters are automatically selected for creating a higher level of contrast which results in a lower false reject and the highest possible efficiency. The LST particularly aims at producers of premium quality coffee products such as specialty coffee and whole bean, with very quality conscious consumers. Learn more: OPTIMA CFL Tea Capsule Filler Modular construction enables OPTIMA capsule fillers that adjust to various tea types make product quality the top priority . Tea marketers emphasize the color and appearance of blend inclusions that are visible in clear capsules that are filled with a combination of dosing technology and and integrated check weighing system. Compact design and gentle processing with state-of-the-art technology makes tea dosing and packaging simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective. At even high output rates of up to 1,500 capsules per minute, Optima delivers the utmost precision. Learm more: LST Laser Sorter Coffee Capsule Filling Solution Bologna-based ACMA has expanded the capacity of its line of capsule filling equipment and added a Miniwrap to reduce the amount of material required for packaging. Since its introductin in 2013 the Qi 350 model has continued to advance. Dispensers are now located on independent stations (to guarantee maximum precision in the weight check in the filling phase) and the vacuum presets are made directly on the machine, to increase product shelf life. New versions include the Qi 500 and Qi 800. The Miniwrap saves up to 30% of wrapping material and reduces packing volumes by 50% resulting in the optimization of all logistic expenses downstream: from transport costs to storage with product placement advan- tages on the sales shelf. Learn more: Cold Brew in 10 Minutes ACMA Qi350 capsule filling machine GE Prisma Cold Brewer The popularity of brew coffee has exploded in the past five years and while marketers have scrambled to respond, each new offering has failed to alleviate the chief annoyances of cold brew's most stalwart enthusi- asts: making cold brew at home takes too long, bottled cold brew lacks freshness, and coffee shops suffer chronic shortages. GE Appliances FirstBuild in August revealed an Indigogo project to manufac- ture the Prisma, a cold brewer that delivers a carafe of full-bodied coffee at home in 10 minutes or less. How does it work? Cold Brew uses a specialized vacuum infusion algorithm to rapidly extract flavor from finely ground beans. After brewing, the vacuum releases and cold brew fills the carafe. FirstBuild is a microfactory Louisville, Ky. that designs, builds and sells the next generation home appliances. "For the first time, we're offering a percentage of the campaign funding from Indiegogo to be shared by the three winning designers, up to $30,000 in total awards," according to the company. Learn more:

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