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September 2016

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Page 2 of 55 Good Fruit Grower SEPTEMBER 2016 3 Centerpiece: IFTA New York study tour 28 Mechanization on a roll Innovative New York growers find success with mechanical pruning, hedging and platforms. 31 Orchard innovators Growers share how adjusting orchard practices brings benefits of new machinery. 32 The tech advantage Combination of GPS and video data helps track performance of man and machine. 36 Of blight & bugs Cornell study seeks to identify which insects transmit fire blight bacteria. Pears 6 In the hunt Vermont organic grower is evaluating dozens of pear varieties as cold-hardy candidates. 8 Pear conditioning Industry officials want shippers and retailers to treat more pears before they hit the shelves. 12 Grab and go Fresh pear marketers make push for stand-up "pouch" bags for consumer convenience. 14 Push for new rootstock Success with pears on trellises will continue to be elusive without a full dwarfing rootstock. 16 Let there be light How to bring sunlight to lower canopies. 18 Prey's way Central Washington pear grower trains his trees to form arched canopies between rows. Good Grape Grower 22 From wheat to Pinot Oregon winery is planting 400 acres of Pinot Noir in former wheat fields with the help of some new technologies. The essential resource for growers Shannon Dininny/GooD Fruit Grower The International Fruit Tree Association held a study tour in New York in July, which included this stop at Wafler Farms. Find out more about the tour and what growers shared beginning on page 28. IFTA New York study tour

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