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36 tobaccoasia / Issue 4, 2016 September / October Tobacco Asia The ONLY magazine written and edited for the Asia regional tobacco industry. Read and trusted by industry professionals around the world. Subscribe to Subscribe Now to Tobacco Asia and get a complete view of the tobacco industry. Rates 1 year $45 2 years $80 3 years $105 Published 5 times a year in full English and Chinese versions. To subscribe visit: or email October Inter Co. Ltd. Vanit Building 2, Room 1403A 1126/2 New Petchburi Rd, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND Tel +66 22 55 66 25, Fax +66 26 55 22 11 OHM meter for e-cigarette conveniently charging and storing batteries (stan- dard battery only) without needing an outlet, can comfortably fit into a purse or pocket as it is the size of a traditional cigarette pack, and even has extra room to hold additional cartridges. Drip tips Many experienced vapers now prefer to use drip tips instead of the e-cigarette cartridges and carto- mizers as they feel that cartridges do not produce the same consistent vapor after the first draws and oftentimes squirts the e-liquid into the mouth after the first draw, a somewhat unpleasant occurrence that can spoil the vaping experience. Cartomizers are more reliable than cartridges, but they limit vapers from sampling new flavors as they come pre-filled and only offer the flavors made by the e-liquid company, or, if one were to buy an empty cartomizer, they would have to fill it themselves, which can be inconvenient. A drip tip, on the other hand, is a hollow mouthpiece that can be used in place of a cartridge or cartomizer without having to remove anything. Dripping is basically pouring the e-liquid directly into the atomizer, with no wadding to hold the juice. The e-juice leaks from the atomizer and in the process boosts the e-cigarette's vapor produc- tion, leading to a full, clean flavor with consistent vapor production. A drip tip can be made from different material, from metal to plastic, and come in different colors and styles, from humorous to truly artistic. This is, of course, by no means all that is on offer for e-cigarette and vaporizer accessories. Companies are constantly introducing new, inno- vative designs and new products that are meant to enhance and compliment the vaping experience.

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