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50 tobaccoasia / Issue 4, 2016 September / October By TobaccoChina Profile: China Tobacco Jiangxi Industrial Striving to be More Competitive Transformed Jinsheng brand cigarettes Innovation-driven development So far in 2016 – the first year of China's 13th Five- Year Plan for National Socioeconomic Develop- ment – the central government of China and all in- dustries in the country attach great importance to innovation. In his government work report deliv- ered at an annual session of the National People's Congress in March, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that innovation was the primary driving force leading development, which must be in the core of the entire national socioeconomic development, and that the strategy for innovation-driven devel- opment must be carried out in an in-depth way. The Chinese tobacco industry has also taken innovation as a primary driving force for its de- velopment. Speaking at the 2016 national tobacco science and technology work conference held in Beijing last March, deputy director-general Yang Peisen of the State Tobacco Monopoly Adminis- tration (STMA) – the regulator of China's tobacco industry – put forward the strategy for a vigorous launch of innovation-driven development, with innovation of brands, technology, and variety driving and promoting the innovation of products. Over recent years, China Tobacco Jiangxi In- dustrial Co., Ltd. (CT Jiangxi) has been making efforts to promote the development of its Jinsh- eng brand by means of innovation, through con- tinuous investigation and research, practice, and vigorous promotion of the development of the company's four major systems of raw materials supply, research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. Path of innovation-driven development of Jinsheng More and more people realize that the model of resource-driven economic growth has come to an end, and that innovation will be of vital im- portance to future development of China. Under China Tobacco Jiangxi Industrial Co., Ltd. – the operator of the tobacco industry in east China's Jiangxi Province – is striving to make its leading cigarette brand, Jinsheng, more competitive by signifi- cantly improving the appearance and flavor and making them more marketable.

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