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82 tobaccoasia / Issue 4, 2016 September / October Patents ATOMIZER AND ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE HAVING SAME Pub. No.: US 2016/0135504 Al Applicant: Shenzhen First Union Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen City (CN) An exemplary atomizer includes a liquid supply and an atomizing component. The liquid supply is configured for storing tobacco liquid. The liquid supply has an open end and a sealing layer for sealing the open end. The atomizing component is detachably coupled to the liquid supply by snap fit. The atomizing component is configured for heating the tobacco liquid to vaporize. The atomizing component includes a piercing element, a buffer chamber, and an atom-zing unit. The piercing element is configured for pricking the sealing layer, so that the tobacco liquid in the liquid chamber flows into the buffer chamber, when the atomizing component is engaged with the liquid supply. The buffer chamber is configured for storing tobacco liquid flowed from the liquid chamber. The atomizing unit is configured for absorbing the tobacco liquid from the buffer chamber, and generating aero-sol from the tobacco liquid. METHOD AND MEMBER FOR GUIDING A STRAND OF FILTER FIBERS AND FILTER ROD MAKING MACHINE Pub. No.: US 2016/0143350 Al Applicant: International Tobacco Machinery Poland Sp. z o. o., Radom (PL) The object of the invention is a member for guiding a strand of filter fibers in an area of placing objects into the strand of filter fibers in a tobacco industry machine, adapted to work together with an apparatus for feeding the objects to the strand of filter fibers, having a slot in which the feeding members of the object feeder move, an inlet opening for a strand of filter fibers, an outlet opening for a strand of filter fibers, a guiding channel connecting an inlet opening and an outlet opening. The member is characterized by comprising vent holes for stabilizing a strand of filter fibers being converted and increasing the accuracy of object placing. MOISTURE BARRIERS FOR PAPER MATERIALS Pub. No.: US 2016/0135499 Al Applicant: R.J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO PRODUCTS, Winston-Salem, NC (US) Provided herein is a tobacco packaging material, comprising a paper material coated with at least one polymer layer. The polymer layer comprises at least one repulpable polymer, and wherein the tobacco packaging material has a water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) that is at least 90% lower than the paper material. Further provided is a tobacco package com-prising the tobacco packaging material, wherein the tobacco package is substantially free of any foil inner liner or polypro- pylene film. Further described is a method for making the tobacco packaging material, comprising extrusion coating at least one repulpable polymer onto a paper material to form a polymer layer, and optionally further depositing at least one atomic layer deposition (ALD) layer that comprises a metal oxide.

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