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October 2016

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2 OCTOBER 2016 Good Fruit Grower Talk To Agro-K For The Right Information, Right Products & The Right Program For Honeycrisp. Ken Dart - 509-669-2332 Larry Shafer - 612-281-4255 Too Much Bitter Pit? Too Little Storage and Shelf Life? Talk to Us… The Right Information. The Right Products. The Right Programs. Honeycrisp Science Driven Nutrition – Science Driven Solutions Reducing Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp while increasing storability and shelf life requires more than just the right product, it requires the right information. The right information builds a complete nutrient program that is required to successfully grow this challenging variety and realize its significant profit potential. Agro-K Can Show You… • Which forms of calcium reduce bitter pit rather than increase its potential • How the right nutrients at the right time can reduce bitter pit and increase storability • Which nutrient mixes improve size without increasing bitter pit • The appropriate spray intervals for foliar calcium • To achieve the right nutrient ratios for less bitter pit and better shelf life • How to design programs to help manage crop load • How to take into account various soil situations • The intelligent way to design a soil nutrient program © 2014 Agro-K Corporation AGRO-K CORpORAtiOn 8030 Main Street, NE • Minneapolis, MN 55432 800-328-2418 • InCReASe • Storability • Shelf Life • Internal Quality Reduce Bitter Pit

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