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October 2016

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CONTENTS Boating Industry 4 | Boating Industry | October 2016 6 AT THE HELM Tackling the labor shortage By Jonathan Sweet 18 SALES & MARKETING Seven 'must-dos' this fall for a spectacular 2017 By Matt Selhorst 8 INDUSTRY NEWS • Q&A with Sam Dantzler • Groupe Beneteau appoints CEO for Americas • Bayliner acquires Heyday Inboards +More top stories The October issue of Boating Industry is also available in digital format at digital-archives. BOATING INDUSTRY CAREER CENTER In partnership with several industry trade associations, Boating Industry has launched a new career center where you can post jobs, look for op- portunities or fi nd the perfect candidate for your opening. STATE OF THE INDUSTRY WEBINAR If you missed our annual State of the Industry webinar, you can now view the archived version on our website. SWEET: MILLENNIAL BORROWING HABITS COULD MEAN BIG TROUBLE In a recent blog post, editor-in-chief Jonathan Sweet wrote about why he's worried about a recent report on Millennial borrowing: "The key fi nding: of the 64 percent of older Millennials who own a home, 51 percent have used a home equity loan. … What are they using that money for? The most popular reason Millen- nials took out home equity loans was vacations at 43.3 percent. … The survey also showed that Millennials are more likely than Boomers to use their home as a fi nancial asset by selling it to make money (27 percent vs. 13 percent)." Read more at CAREER CENTER STATE OF THE INDUSTRY WEBINAR TWITTER: @BoatingIndustry FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @BoatingIndustry YOUTUBE: "I BELIEVE, AS A BUSINESS, YOU'RE EITHER GETTING BETTER OR YOU'RE GETTING WORSE. THERE IS NO STAGNANT,THERE IS NO COASTING." — Sam Dantzler

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