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2 parts Stoli® STOLI® SALTED KARAMEL APPLETINI Salted Karamel 3 parts apple juice Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass Garnish with a red apple slice Salted Karamel can also be enjoyed neat, with club soda, or used to create other delicious cocktails. S�LTED KARA�EL INTRODUCING �N ORIGIN�L FRO� THE �O� ORIGIN�L food industry's fastest-growing "indulgent flavors" with a vodka that's an innovator in the flavored vodka category and has a 50-year history of successful, original flavors. The result is delicious. Salted Karamel, the first salted caramel flavored vodka on the market, combines one of the .com GREAT COCKTAILS START WITH RESPONSIBLE MEASURING. SAVOR STOLI RESPONSIBLY. STOLICHNAYA® SALTED KARAMEL. Salted caramel flavored premium vodka. 37.5% Alc./Vol. Distilled from grain. William Grant & Sons, Inc. New York, NY. © 2012 Spirits International, B.V.

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