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12 STiR coffee and tea / Issue 5, 2016 (October/November) EQUIPMENT NEWS Aroma Condensing Cup The international design collaboration MATO has taken the science behind wine glass design and applied it to the coffee cup. "The tapered geometry of the MOCU coffee cup directs the aroma to the drinker's nose, allowing him or her to draw in the distinctive flavor of the roast. "The result is a heightened tasting experi- ence," according to a release from the Bangkok-based ROOM concept store. The range is modular and customizable. Modules can be combined to take on different aesthetic forms when serving. The cups are made from thick, ceramic stoneware and available in matte white, gray and black. ROOM concept store co-founder Tanapon Saer- eedeelert said the cup is an example of "where form and function meet in perfect harmony. Not only are the cups modern and stylish, but they bring a new dimension to coffee tasting. The aromatic experience allows you to take in the full flavor of the roast." Learn more: http:// Spreafico Customized Filler Spreafico automatic filling machines has developed a custom-designed three-lane capsule filling machine for Bialetti that can fill nine different products including tea and coffee, infusions, solubles, and tisanes. The critical issue was the type of aluminum capsules used during the packaging process which, in the stages that precede the filling of the product, need to have a paper filter welded to the internal walls, a particularly tricky operation. This filter makes the nitrogen insufflation stage more difficult as well. Spreafico develop a system that would ensure effective welding and oxygen removal stages to meet the reference standard - a residual percentage of less than 1%. The high-volume filling equipment was installed in Bialetti's Brescia facility as part of a coffee production line that covers all stages from roasting to secondary packaging. Spreafico, based in Calolziocorte, Lecco, Italy was the ideal partner need to expand the first production line of 'I Caffè d'Italia' said Marco Vezzoli, Bialetti capsules group industrial and purchasing dirctor. "This machine is a modern, fast, and flexible tool and, besides the great design, we can also count on a prompt technical support that is able to even manage the machine remotely if necessary," he said. IMS's Flexible RDRF5 Drum Roaster International Machine Service (IMS) recently introduced a smaller version of its popular RDRF (roaster, drum, recirculat- ing, flexible) series with capacities from 50 kilos up to 500 kilos of green coffee per hour. Midsized roasters tend to have diverse requirements: some offer main- stream products and focus on high production output, others roast high-end gourmet coffees and need to roast flexibly, precisely, and reproducibly. To meet these needs the RDRF can be configured with a plane burner (no recirculation), or fan burner (without recirculation), or fan burner with variable recirculation, and either manual or fully automatic control systems. Every RDRF5 comes with a package of features that follows our idea of "clean design" and ensures a smooth and safe production, according to IMS. Learn more: RDRF5 Roaster

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