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22 tobaccoasia PRODUCT NEWS 产品新闻 WORLDWIDE Davidoff Extends Zino Line with Accessories Davidoff is introducing a range of accessories such as lighters, cutters, and cases to its Zino Graphic Leaf humidors collection. Designed by Zino Davidoff, the Graphic Leaf collection is available in four colors, each featuring two different tobacco leaf designs. The new Zino lighters are described as efficient and easy to use. Different colors feature on the front and back, and the lighters operate with a blue jet flame. They will not activate upside down and have a window to check gas level. According to Davidoff, the lighters are ideal for windy conditions. The double-bladed cutters in the Zino accessories line are also in different colors front and back. Davidoff said the stainless steel double blades guarantee a precise cut for cigars with a ring gauge of up to 60. The collection also includes adjustable calf leather cases ideal for younger cigar enthusiasts who prefer casual clothing and less pockets. Cellophane cigars will stay humidified for 15 days. The Zino Graphic Leaf accessories collection is available worldwide in selected outlets and in Davidoff flagship stores. UK New Herbal Cigarette Launched for Middle East Market Honeyrose Products Limited, the manufacturer of herbal smoking products in England Since 1910, announced the launch of their new brand, Legacy By Honeyrose London, for Kuwait and GCC territories earlier this year. The English based company has been producing a wide range of herbal RYO and flavored cigarettes for over one hundred years, distributed globally. They continuously invest in r&d to meet the expectations and tastes of the most diversified customers worldwide. Legacy By Honeyrose London has a tobacco flavor capsule, delicately flavored sweetened tipping paper, and comes in a gold hot-foiled and embossed flip top pack. Initially, smokers enjoy a chocolate flavor but when the capsule is crushed it activates a Virginia tobacco flavor that resembles an ordinary tobacco cigarette but is free from tobacco and nicotine. Al-Abyaar International is the appointed distributor and partner of Honeyrose Products in Kuwait, actively supporting people to take the first step towards living a tobacco and nicotine free life. The launch and introduction of Legacy By Honeyrose London to worldwide markets took place at the InterTabac, Dortmund in September and the distribution into the new markets is expected by end of the year. JAPAN New Names for Winston Cigs Japan Tobacco Inc. has announced that it will be introducing new names for 24 Winston brand products and new designs of all 5 products in the Winston Cabin series, which will be rolled out nationwide in early November 2016. The Winston brand was born in 1954 in the United States and today it is a global brand with over 60 years of history, known for its quality and true smoking satisfaction, boasting the second largest sales volume in the world. The Cabin and Caster brands were integrated into the Winston brand for the Japanese domestic market in August 2015, and changed to the current package designs in October of the same year. To meet the needs of many adult smokers, the packages of the Winston Cabin series will be redesigned to make them consistent with the entire Winston ranges. New packages for all five products in the Winston Cabin series will be rolled out in early November. While the red base color remaining unchanged, the XS device – which expresses an advanced, stylish image – will be incorporated to evolve to a new Winston brand package design that embodies the rich aroma and roasted taste of the Winston Cabin series. Winston Inazma Menthol One Box will switch to a long size. New Winston Inazma Menthol One 100's Box will be rolled out in late October. Winston Inazma Menthol One Box will be offering more value with longer sticks and package format (from King size to 100's size) to meet the market's changing needs and provide longer satisfaction to adult smokers. ASIA Imperial Introduces Davidoff Freeze Imperial Tobacco's Davidoff cigarettes are making a foray into the "crushball" flavor capsule sector with the introduc- tion of the Davidoff Freeze at this year's TWFA WE. Aimed specifically at the Asian market, focusing on more than 10 key markets in the region, the Davidoff Freeze delivers an intense menthol taste and a "lip-tingling sensation" from its filter. The initial launch will take place at Singapore's Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, with other markets coming online soon after. US FDA Cracks-Down on Online Shops A month after its deeming rule came into effect, extending its authority to e-cigarettes and cigars in addition to cigarettes and other tobacco products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued letters to 24 websites for illegal sales to minors. The letters were the first to have been sent. Warning letters were also issued to 28 retailers of cigars and e-cigarettes and three letters to websites selling cigars. The recipients of these letters had 15 days to reply to FDA letters and explain how they planned to prevent future underage sales. Repeat violators would face a US$275 fine. Although FDA has not moved to ban online sales, the letters clearly signify that the agency is closely monitoring those outlets for underage sales. According to Greg Conly, president of the American Vaping Association, FDA has not provided compliance guidelines to online retailers, making it difficult for them to identify an age-verification platform that would satisfy FDA. He also said that the agency is far more transparent with how it checks brick-and-mortar stores. Between August 8-31, FDA completed about 8,700 inspections of brick-and-mortar tobacco retailers for sales to minors, and issued 400 additional warning letters related to cigarette and smokeless-tobacco sales. Businesses who received warnings included gas stations, convenience stores, and drugstores. Most of the warnings were for sales of cigars from brands such as Swisher Sweets, owned by Swisher International Inc., and Black & Mild, owned by Altria Group Inc. No vape shops received warning letters for selling to minors. Legacy by Honeyrose Davidoff Freeze

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