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34 tobaccoasia MANUFACTURING NEWS 制造新闻 Perfectly Fitted Service Solutions by Hauni Hauni has consistently expanded and refined its extensive range of individual and packaged service solutions over recent years. The focus is always on offering excellent customization and maximum added value for our customers. Today, intelligent services that promote overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) benefit customers by helping them to extract more performance from their equipment and optimize cost structures. However, to achieve the optimum effect these services must be perfectly tailored to the customer's individual objectives and situation. Hauni has responded to this need by creating a new service structure. This develops tailor-made services for customers under the motto "your perfect fit". "First, the customer selects the area in which he wants to take advantage of our know-how," explains Gunnar Jans, executive vice president of services at Hauni. "Then, we analyze his needs and suggest a specific action plan. This is developed jointly with the customer to define the scope and depth of the operational and process support. Finally, we implement the agreed measures and continuously adapt them to the customer's requirements if necessary." A strong foundation for service Hauni offers services in three key areas: spare parts supply, product life cycle management, and operation and process. In all of these areas, the company offers a wide selection of individual services, which the customer can choose, adapt, and combine into packages. "It takes more than 70 years of experience with processes and the requirements of the tobacco industry to develop and implement a portfolio of services with this breadth and quality," says Jans. "Our services are built on a strong technical foundation including current production data and lifetime machine records of countless customer machines in all sorts of production environments. A continuous exchange of knowledge and expertise in our unique training and support center ensures that our global service networks are always well-informed and up-to-date with the latest know-how." New full service products – tailor-made Through this continuously developed portfolio of services, Hauni aims to cover the full spectrum of its customers' requirements. Its goal is to tailor these services exactly according to the level of responsibility the customer wishes to take himself or outsource to Hauni. Individually agreed, full service agreements are the non plus ultra products that Hauni has recently added to its range. Asset management In the area of product life cycle management, customers can use the "asset manage- ment" service to secure an optimum cost-performance ratio over the full life cycle of their machines. This allows the customer to define his concept for servicing and supplies of spare parts. Hauni then adapts its flexible modules to meet these requirements. These solutions are developed in partnership with the customer and cover everything from individual servicing interventions with or even without OSM personnel ("one-shift maintenance") to full preventive servicing of all the relevant subassemblies and replacement of worn parts. This level of freedom is particularly useful to customers within the framework of the relocation service. Performance management In the area of operation and process, Hauni takes responsibility for rapid problem solving and continuous improvement of machinery and processes through its "perfor- mance management". This may include remote service, performance analysis and production support in a full service package. Hauni evaluates production data, e.g. to develop unique, individual training courses for its customers – made-to-measure and with instantly measurable results. Supply chain management "For the area of spare parts, we have developed an integrated supply chain manage- ment solution through which Hauni takes responsibility for the customer's spare parts planning," explains Claus Peters, group manager for services at Hauni. "In an initial provisioning study, we consult with our customers to define the range of parts they wish us to provide and agree a service level. The service level is oriented to the availability of the agreed spectrum of spare parts to be supplied and is around 99.5%, taking into account both the spare parts that can always be delivered by Hauni and those articles stored by the customer on-site" The customer benefits not only from much greater availability of materials and ad-hoc provision through tailor-made logistics concepts, but also from improved capital tie-up with optimized inventories and significantly simplified purchasing processes. This is due to consolidation effects, principally in operational areas, as Hauni assumes responsibility for purchasing and logistics. Hauni's supply chain management solution can be seamlessly integrated into the processes of any customer who wants to focus fully on his core business. The new full service products have clearly struck a chord with customers. Peters notes that one customer is extremely interested in the supply chain management solution. "We launched this service in one of our customer's production facilities two months ago. The customer has been impressed by the considerable reduction in inventories and simultaneous improvement in the availability of the correct spare parts and is now planning to extend the supply chain concept to all its plants in the EU. "The experience of the new service structure demonstrates that the market is already welcoming the modular system, which allows customers to select and assemble the services they need to boost their OEE," said Peters. Hauni's basis for its customer's success • More than 70 years of experience • Consulting, project management and technical clarification • Global service network • Training and support centre • Real-time production and performance data • Continuous improvement of parts • Life time machine record • Obsolescence management • Customer portal

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