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64 tobaccoasia / Issue 5, 2016 November / December Patents ORAL TOBACCO COMPOSITION Pub. No.: US 2016/0242458 Al Applicant: JAPAN TOBACCO INC., Tokyo (JP) A chewable oral tobacco composition (1) including a tobacco raw material for eluting a tobacco compo- nent and a gum base comprises: a first gum portion (10) including the tobacco raw material and a first gum base; and a second gum portion (20) including a second gum base. The second gum portion does not include the tobacco raw material or includes the tobacco raw material in an amount less than an amount of the tobacco raw material included in the first gum portion. A weight of the first gum base is 0.3 g or more. Wt.% of the first gum base is 50 wt. % or more when wt. % of the first gum portion is 100 wt.%. Total wt.% of the first gum base and the second gum base is 50 wt. % or less when wt. % of the oral tobacco composition is 100 wt.%. SMOKING DEVICE INCORPORATING A BREAKABLE CAPSULE, BREAKABLE CAPSULE AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING SAID CAPSULE Pub. No.: US 2016/0249676 Al Applicant: V. MANE FILS, BAR SUR LOUP (FR) A smoking device includes a recipient or able to receive burning products, preferably tobacco, and a filter element connected to the recipient, wherein the filter includes at least one breakable capsule, the capsule having a initial crush strength from 0.5 to 2.5 kp, and keeping a crush strength from 0.5 to 2.5 kp and a deformation of less than two third of its diameter prior to rupture after having been submitted to a smoking test. The invention is also relating to the capsule suitable for being incorporated in a smoking device, and to the process of manufacture of the capsule. ELECTRIC HEATER FOR HOOKAH Pub. No.: US 2016/0249677 Al Applicant: Edwar Bishara, Pasadina, CA (US) Electric heat for generating smoke from tobacco or the like in a hookah type smoking pipe. Electric heat is obtained from an electrically powered heating element which may be placed proximate the tobacco. The heating element may be con-tained within a housing which in tum may be placed above the smoking chamber of the hookah. The housing may have adjustably damped holes disposed to pass air over the heating element. Electrical circuitry serving the heating element may comprise a step down transformer and a voltage adjusting switch. The heating element may be integral with the hookah, may take the form of a separate component which is mount-able over the smoking chamber of the hookah, or may com-prise a free standing assembly which may be placed to stand adjacent to the hookah. ATOMIZER AND ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE HAVING SAME Pub. No.: US 2016/0249683 Al Applicant: Shenzhen First Union Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City (CN) An exemplary atomizer includes a liquid supply and an atom-izing assembly connected with the liquid supply. The liquid supply has a liquid chamber. The liquid supply includes a sealing piece at an end, and the sealing piece defines a liquid outlet. The atomizing assembly includes a connecting part. The liquid supply includes an engaging part. The engaging part includes a rotary sealing element rotatable relative to the sealing element. When the liquid supply and the atomizing assembly are disassembled, the rotary sealing element seals the liquid outlet. When the connecting part is inserted into the engaging part and rotated a first angle, the atomizing assem-bly and the liquid supply are engaged. When the atomizing assembly is further rotated a second angle, the atomizing assembly drives the rotary sealing element to rotate to open the liquid outlet, and the tobacco liquid in the liquid chamber flows into the atomizing assembly.

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