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November 2016

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Page 2 of 63 GOOD FRUIT GROWER NOVEMBER 2016 3 Centerpiece 32 Vacuum picker shows promise Apple industry is closer than ever to an automated harvest. 36 Pushing their pluck Creators of vacuum harvester aim to have machines ready for growers in 2018. New Technology 8 Cold, hard efficiency Matson Fruit leading industry in automated cold storage. 14 Gentle touch Pneumatic air-controlled gripper may lend itself to robotic fruit harvest. 18 Up in the air Drones are advancing, but not quite ready for prime time in the tree fruit industry. Good Grape Grower 24 Test flights Oregon viticulturist is testing and using drone technology. IFTA tour 40 Spraying with precision Cornell researcher has tips for making your sprays more effective. SHANNON DININNY/GOOD FRUIT GROWER Workers from Abundant Robotics demonstrated their automated vacuum harvester in an apple block in Vantage, Washington, on Sept. 22. Read more about the harvester beginning on Page 32. The essential resource for growers

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