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StateWays | | November/December 2016 22 OVERALL WINNER — PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD ing kids from grade school through college, as well as the consuming public. There are limited resources, but we are certainly always looking for better ways to inform about responsible consumption." Last holiday season, the PLCB led a partnership with the State Police and the Pennsylvania Department of Transpor- tation to promote the SaferRide app, which was developed by the National Highway Traffi c Safety Administration and is free to download and facilitate a safe ride home after drinking. The PLCB's staff had an ally in state senator Stewart Greenleaf, who has pushed for many years in the PLCB's appropriation hearings about responsibility. New initiatives were always problematic due to the cost of serving more than 16,000 licensees, says director of reg- ulatory affairs Jerry Waters. "But we realized we could re- ally get behind this app and sup- port it," he says. "The resources involved were there in our budget, so we started working on promot- ing the app." The PLCB spread the word on its websites, at stores, at licensed locations and through social media. Printed materials were distributed for stores, and posters provided to bars, restaurants, hotels and taverns. Posters and bag stuffers featured a QR code that customers could scan using smart- phones for direct access to a PLCB website featuring infor- mation about the app. The PLCB also made a toolkit of promotional materials available on its website, including social media ads and web banners. In addition to increasing awareness of the SaferRide app, the SaferRide campaign also drew the most activity to the PLCB's alcohol education Facebook page and allowed users to make valuable connections through other state agencies. "The only cost was for 60,000 posters and about two million bag stuffers," Brassell says. "The bulk of our activity was through dig- ital social media, partnered with PennDOT and the state police, who every fall do their own safe driving campaigns. We tapped into their broader network of sup- porters, developing content for Facebook, Twitter and other so- cial media. Signifi cantly, this was fi rst time the retail and education The SaferRide app was developed last holiday season.

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