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12 STiR coffee and tea / Issue 6, 2016 (December/January) EQUIPMENT NEWS G21 packaging machine Fres-co Compact G21 Packaging Machine The G21 is a reliable, versatile,. high-performance vertical form, fill and seal machine ideal for coffee roasters working to take their business to its next level. The G21 from Fres-co System USA packages both whole bean and ground coffee in frac packs, retail-ready corner seal packages up to 5 lb. blk bags. Capabilities that include valve application, gas flushing and either auger or scale filling. Changeover between sizes, and it is equipped with PLC- based controls for easy operation. The competitive price and space-saving footprint appeals to a wide range of roasters, accord- ing to Chris Burger, Fres-co business director for coffee. "The G21 allows roasters to automate coffee packaging without breaking the bank," said Burger. Buyers get superior service and support for installation, training and maintenance, he said. "The G21 is just one example of Fres-co's continuing commit- ment to deliver technology and innovation, materials and degassing valves, packaging equipment, and service and support," said Burger. Learn more: Neuhaus Neotec Leak Detector Neuhaus Neotec has developed a non-destructive detector that recognizes mico-leaks smaller than 10 µm in coffee packaging. Leaky packaging is a critical concern in the roasted process. The Leak Test I operates by creating a vacuum between two highly elastic membranes and then analyzes the difference in pressure in seconds. Vacuum detection reduces the reject rate, ensures the packaging quality and thus the required quality of coffee in bottles, cans, bags, capsules and coffee pods in pouches. A status LED in the plexiglass cover indicates the test phase with colors that signal the test results. Results are displayed on a 7-inch touchscreen. Intelligent data analysis enables workers to quickly detect and fix packaging errors in line. The device is easily integrated in production lines or laboratories, allowing a quick and hygienic random assessment of several types of packaging including thermoformed bottles and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) inert gas packages. Learn more: Lipton T.O Brewer Unilever is scaling up production of its T.O by Lipton capsule tea brewer. The brewer is available in France where it has enjoyed enthusiastic consumer response. In November ESCATEC, one of Europe's leading electronics and mechatronics design and manufacturing firms announced that it had delivered on a multimillion Euro manufacturing contract with Unilever to begin high volume production at a new factory in Malaysia. "Optimal brewing conditions vary from tea to tea," explained Stefan Schwendt, technology director Refreshment Europe at Unilever. The T.O identifies the blend across a range of more than 30 capsules and deter- mines the corresponding optimum brewing require- ments accordingly. "The T.O by Lipton is the perfect way to do this - releasing the flavors and aromas by adjusting the brewing time and temperature for each different type of tea," he said. In Europe 10 capsules sell for $4.20 (€3.90) ESCATEC was able to exploit its global footprint to deliver on this project, said Dr. Marcel W. Hueppi, ESCATEC's director of beverage systems. "We have considerable expertise in bringing household brewing machine projects to success," he said. Learn more: Neuhaus Neotec Leak Test I

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